10 wonderful Japanese curtains (noren)

There are quite a variety of ways to use noren in the room. For example, partitioning space, substituting for a door, lightly shielding light, and hanging as a tapestry.


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Bamboo Forest

Noren Curtain Tapestry Bamboo forest (85 × 170cm) Green

The refreshing green makes you feel relaxed. The quiet bamboo forest for your room.

Plum blossoms

Cosmo Japanese Batik Noren Curtain Tapestry Plum Indigo Blue

Plum blossoms are one of the flowers that are loved by the Japanese people. The modest beauty represent is suitable for the Japanese culture. 

The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Japan Heavyweight Ukiyoe Noren Curtain Hokusai The Great Wave Kanagawa Rayon Cotton Fabric

If you want to decorate your room with the Japanese paintings, you should choose this one. The Works of Katsushika Hokusai, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa“.

And I also recommend the other popular his work, South Wind, Clear Sky(red fuji).

Temari Balls

Made in Japan Cotton Cloth Noren Tapestry Temari Design

Temari is a traditional Japanese handball with geometric embroideries. The patterns are so beautiful. 

Dragonfly, two colors

Matsumoto Shoji noren(Japanese curtain) Flying Dragonfly Green from Japan 11775

This doorway curtain has the two calm colors of green and cream. And the nine dragonfly lightly flutter about. The material is 100% polyester.


Japan Cotton Pongee Long Type Noren Curtain Tapestry Japanese Iris Design by Totas

The elegant iris noren made by the craftman Takumi. The refreshing flowers with the light brushstrokes stands at the edge of the water. 

Seven beckoning cats

Made in Japan Shichifuku Manekineko Brown Color Noren Curtain Tapestry

Unlike the other noren, this door curtain is long from side to side, 33.5 x 33.5 x 11.8 inches. What the seven cats beckon? Of course, good fortune!


The lucky cat (Maneki-neko) is one of the traditional Japanese good luck charms. Please check the Kutani-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki cramic Maneki-neko.


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A crane is the bird that represents the long-life in Japan. And the people love the bird for the beauty. There are the seasonal plants in the moon-like circle on the noren.


Kanji Noren Curtain Tapestry Wa(Harmony) Gold Yellow

Kanji has the unique beauty in its shapes. “和” means harmony and Japanese. The door curtain would bring the warm breeze into your home.

Red Japanese umbrellas

Made in Japan Noren Curtain Tapestry Japanese Umbrella Aggregate Design

The vivid red umbrellas open on the dark blue ground. It must look really sharp with the white walls. The design is based on the artwork of ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock printing)

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