Must-have high-quality Japanese kitchen knife brands

Best 6 Japanese kitchen knife brands       There are countless kitchen knife brands in the world. Among them, Japanese kitchen knives are famous for their sharpness and long-lasting. Because Japan is a country where the technology cultivated with Japanese swords (Katana or Nihonto) still continues. However, Japanese knives also have both high and low quality products. In terms of quality and reliability, you had better choose a famous brand as it is.reliability.  I will introduce six kitchen knife brands that can be trusted to be chosen from the countless cutlery manufacturers.         Tojiro   Tojiro is a famous knife manufacturer who inherits the tradition of the town. The cutleries in Read more about Must-have high-quality Japanese kitchen knife brands[…]

Hina dolls

Hina dolls for Japanese Girls Festival (Hinamiatsuri)

What is the traditional Hina-ningyo (Hina doll)     When various flowers begin to bloom, March 3rd is the day of Hina-matsuri (the Festival of Dolls/the Girl’s Festival). It is a festival when Japanese family display hina dolls and pray for young girls’ growth and happiness. The Hina-ningyo used to be displayed on a stand with several levels like stairs in old days. But today, the doll sets are smaller with fewer dolls to be suitable for Japanese houses.        Hina-matsuri (the Girls Festival)     The origin of the Hina-matsuri dates back to “Joshi-setsu” which occurred in ancient China around 300 years. “Joshi” is the meaning of the day in Read more about Hina dolls for Japanese Girls Festival (Hinamiatsuri)[…]

Classic and modern Mizutori Geta in Japan

Japanese Geta clogs of Mizutori   About 100km from the east of Mt. Fuji, Aoi-ku is a part of Shizuoka City in Shizuoka Prefecture. Aoi is famous for a hot spring and there are many ryokan hotels with onsen. As is near to the Suruga Bay, a lot of tourists who also expects delicious seafood visit the city. But another, Aoi has a local specialty. That is Suruga Geta.   Suruga Geta, made by craftsmen who inherited the technology from the Edo era, developed as a special product of Shizuoka. But due to the Westernization of Japanese living, the demand for traditional footwear, clogs, has drastically decreased. Mizutori Industry has challenged Read more about Classic and modern Mizutori Geta in Japan[…]

Iwachu Japanese cast iron skillets

Nambu Tekki cast iron skillets     Nambu Tekki in Iwate Prefecture is a cast iron product which has gotten highest reputation in Japan. And it has about 400 years history. Though the industry is famous for the products of tea kettle and teapot, the kitchenware has become to attract attention in recent years. People avoided to use the kitchenware for its weight but revises the good point.       Best known Nambu tekki maker Iwachu   Especially, the products of Iwachu Factory established in 1902 is popular for the high-quality.   Iwachu Company started in 1902. The founder is Iwashimizu. The name of the company is the combination of Read more about Iwachu Japanese cast iron skillets[…]

Tokoname Bonsai pots from Japan

Traditional Japanese stoneware Bonsai pots you can buy on Amazon   YUKIMONO, Rectangle Bonsai pot (new)   Size:7.0 x 5.5 x 2.0 inches     It is said the introduction of the culture to planting a tree in a pot from China in Heian Period (794-1185). Firstly, the aristocratic people enjoyed the new art, and then the monks and samurais too. The samurai warriors especially love Bonsai as their hobby and it spread throughout the town people in Edo Period (1603-1868). The techniques for Bonsai greatly grew during the period. And various pods were also used for them.     Today, there are many kinds of Bonsai pods which are pottery, Read more about Tokoname Bonsai pots from Japan[…]

Ceramic sake cup sets from 4 Japanese traditional crafts

Arita, Kiyomizu, Kutani, and Hagi pottery and porcelain sake cup sets from       A ceramic is a most popular drinking ware when the people drink sake in Japan. Though there are choko or guinomi cups of tin or glass, they are just for the cold sake and not for hot. On that point, we can enjoy both cold and hot the Japanese rice wine with the pottery or porcelain sake cups. Furthermore, there are all sorts of ceramic sake cups, it is fun to choose. When you have sets of the cups, the drinking with the family or friends would be more enjoyable! I would like to show Read more about Ceramic sake cup sets from 4 Japanese traditional crafts[…]

Buying Edo-kiriko cut glass sake sets made in Japan

Beautiful sake cups and bottles of Edo-kiriko cut glass from Amazon     Yarai Pattern (blue)         There are many traditional crafts including pottery, porcelain, and metal products in Japan but the glassware which has a long history isn’t so many. Edo-kiriko is the most popular Japanese glassware. Edo is the ancient name of Tokyo and more than a million people lived in the city (the largest population in the middle 18the century around the world!). Until the Edo Period (1603-1868), the culture of Japan was mostly developed the ruling class such as aristocracy and samurai. However, the culture of the Edo Period was the culture of townspeople. They Read more about Buying Edo-kiriko cut glass sake sets made in Japan[…]

Black and red Tokoname pottery kyusu (Japanese teapot)

Beautiful bicolor Japanese ceramic teapots of Tokoname ware   320cc kyusu teapot     Tokoname ware which has nearly 900 years of history is the most used Japanese teapot (kyusu) in the country. The vermillion teapot is pristine but simply beautiful. Though there are many kinds of teapots including, pottery, porcelain, stoneware, and cast iron in Japan, we couldn’t find the warmful color among them.  Tokoname pottery red kyusu teapots with patterns   The cray of Tokoname ware contains much iron oxide and that make teapots austerely elegant vermillion after baked in a kiln.    170cc  kyusu teapot       230cc kyusu teapot       240cc kyusu teapot     Read more about Black and red Tokoname pottery kyusu (Japanese teapot)[…]

Large Japanese cast iron tetsubin teapots from

Large size Nambu Tekki kyusu teapots made in Japan   41 ounce tetsubin kyusu       The traditional Japanese cast iron Nambu Tekki teapot is high-quality and has some good things to use. Enjoy Nambu Tekki Japanese cast iron teapot (kyusu)   That is why the Japanese people change their opinion of Nambu Tekki which they regarded as old-fashioned. More and more seek a good product than mass-produced goods in these days. Therefore, the various kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes of Nambu Tekki teapot have become to be on the market. Various colors, shapes, and patterns! Nambu Tekki kyusu teapot from the long-standing manufacturer Iwachu     60 ounce tetsubin Read more about Large Japanese cast iron tetsubin teapots from[…]

Tokoname pottery red kyusu teapots with patterns

Traditional vermilion Japanese teapot of Tokoname-yaki with beautiiful patterns   220cc kyusu teapot with cherry blossoms     There are six oldest kilns in Japan. Seto, Echizen, Shigaraki, Tamba, Bizen, and Tokoname. Each kiln began in the Middle Ages and their potteries are still a part of the people’s life. Though various kinds of tableware are on display in a shop today, a product of Tokoname ware has the largest market share in the industry. That is Japanese teapot kyusu. The Tokoname red kyusu is just an old and typical teapot of the Japanese people.     Standard plain kyusu teapot       Iron oxide of the pottery’s cray Read more about Tokoname pottery red kyusu teapots with patterns[…]