Japanese paper (washi paper):handmade, tapes, chiyogami and yuzen

washi paper

Traditional Japanese paper and the products

In 2014, “Washi (Japanese paper), the art of papermaking of washi” was registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.


Washi with a unique touch and warmth has been strongly linked with the formation of Japanese culture and contributed to the artworks such as paintings and calligraphy.


Especially, the beauty of the Japanese paintings and woodblock printings (ukiyo-e) can be shown on the washi paper.



What is “washi paper”?

Precisely a washi paper is made by hand and from the bast fibers such as Mitsumata, Kozo, Gumpy.



However, the paper produced in Japan is sometimes referred to as washi paper or Japanese paper.


Hon-Mino Paper, Hosokawa Paper, Sekishu Paper were registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.


 Papaermaking of Sekishu Paper by UNESCO



The products of Japanese paper


Art Japanese paper (chiyogami)

If you try origami, a typical craft in Japan, a chiyogami is really suited for it. Because most of the origami needs a square paper and the chiyo-gami takes the shape.


Unlike an ordinary origami paper, the chiyogami papers have a various patterns. It would be fun to choose them.



And all you have to do is just fold the papers watching the process of the work you want to complete, such as crane.


When you want to enjoy a gorgeous origami, you can use Yuzen Japanese paper. Yuzen means Traditional Kyoto kimono clothing. Same to the Yuzen kimono, the paper is charming and brilliant.




Letter paper

Kyukyodo is a Japanese grocery store that has continued since the Edo Period. The store makes the elegant letter papers using high-quality Japanese paper.




Masking tape

It is the MT Washi Masking Tapes of Kamoi Kakoshi company that taught Japanese women the charm of masking tape. Many color variations, easy to stick and peal.




AKARI Paper Lantern Lamp Shade

Isamu Noguchi, an American designer, produced more than 200 different shapes and sizes of AKARI (which means light in Japanese). 




The texture of Japanese paper makes the light a soft atmosphere.





Washi store in Tokyo





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