Traditional Japanese paper lanterns for your life

japanese lanterns

Traditional Japanese lanterns for your life and events

Until the Meiji Period (1868-1912) when the Western culture flowed into Japan, one of the lights that illuminated the night of the country was the Japanese lanterns (chochin).



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And still, it is an indispensable lighting for the traditional festivals and the shops of Japanese restaurants.



The meaning of Japanese lanterns

In the case of saying “Japanse lantern”, it may have three meanings. First, it means a plant, Physalis alkekengi. But most people call it Chinese lantern. You can buy the seed from here.


Then, the words refer to the Japanese stone lanterns. The lighting equipment stand on the ground of the temples, the shrines, and the gardens.


And finally, the paper lanterns. The paper lanterns made of the washi paper (Japanese paper) and bamboo already began to use in Heian Period (794-1185). But today, we often find the plastic lanterns.



Japanese lanterns for your room!



Hanging lantern

Oriental Furniture Harajuku Hanging Lantern - Black by Oriental Furniture







Oriental Furniture Akida Hanging Lamp - Honey





Oriental Furniture 14" Itashi Japanese Hanging Lantern by Oriental Furniture





Floor lantern



Oriental Furniture 18" Puggi Lamp






Oriental Furniture 17" Ido Lamp - Walnut






Oriental Furniture 20" Koru Japanese Bamboo Table Lamp






Let’s DIY with Japanese lanterns!


1.Simple decolation as Japanese style





Japanese FESTEVAL Vinyl Chochin Lantern WHITE MADE IN JAPAN D270 x H320mm



Using the paper lanterns as a decoration, your room will have a Japanese atmosphere at once.


The letter of the lantern “祭” means festival. But this product doesn’t have any lighting equipment.



And if you want the more colorful lanterns, the products would be fine.






2.As a warm lighting of the rooms




M.V. Trading MVA16013 Colorful Chinese/Japanese Round Paper Lanterns with Metal Frame, 16-Inch, White with Black Bamboo Garden




Yes, that is the original way to use a Japanese paper lantern. The papers make the light warm and soft.


And the product also doesn’t have a bulb and cord, buy them with the lantern.


The bulb and cord for the lantern.



3.Ideas for the parties

The Japanese lanterns are the perfect decorations for the various parties including. 


At the gardens, outside


Just Artifacts 16" White Paper Lanterns (Set of 5) - Click for more Chinese/Japanese Paper Lantern Colors & Sizes!





Hanging the white paper lanterns from the trees, they would direct the effect of cleanness and freshness with the green of the leaves and the blue of the sky.


paper lanterns



Colorul wedding party



Paxcoo 12 Pack Paper Lanterns with Assorted Colors and Sizes




You can surly make the parties cute and brilliant with the colorful paper lanterns.


Dangling the streamers or the swirl decorations, the space above the heads becomes more lively.



Haloween party




LEDMOMO Halloween Pumpkin Lanterns Jack O Lantern Halloween LED Lights for Halloween Party Outdoor Indoor Decorations 6 Pack



Why don’t you change the annual Haloween party? It’s okay that you hang them from the ceiling for the party, or the children carry them when they visit the houses.






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