Shun Japanese chef knives and its sets on Amazon

More than 5 million sales around the world, “Shun” series

The cutlery company KAI produces the famous Japanese kitchen knife series Seki Magoroku





Though the name of the Seki Magoroku series comes from the ancient Japanese sword, the Shun Japanese chef knives also are expressed the spirit of the Seki’s blacksmiths.


If you wonder the quality how sharply they cut the foods, don’t worry. It won the “Kitchen Knife of the Year” ten times and the high valuation from the many chefs of the Michelin-starred restaurants



I’ll introduce you the features of three popular series of Shun.


When you want to know about the types and guide to buy Japanese kitchen knife, please firstly visit the page of “Japanese chef knives. Guide to buy and recommended brand“. 




Shun Japanese kitchen knives series at Amazon

The following list are the knives you can find at


Sora Series


Shun Sora Hollow Ground 5.5 Inch Santoku Knife









The Sora series are the most popular knives in the knives of KAI company. You can get the high-quality knife at a reasonable price than others.


The edge has a 3 layer structure, a VG10 cutting core with stainless steel cladding on either side. It keeps the blades in the state of sharpness.


And the handle is made of TPE polymer which makes you feel comfortable to use it.



Classic Series

Shun DM0766 Classic Western Chef's Knife, 8-Inch





















You must be fascinated by a beautiful Pattern Damascus blade of Classic Series. But the VG-MAX core of the blade has the 16 layers of high-carbon stainless steel on either side. It assures the sharpness and the durability.


You can tightly hold the black handle made of pakkawood due to D shape. 





Premier Series

Shun Premier Santoku Knife, 7-Inch














The famous German chef Tim Malzer and KAI co-developed the knife to realize Malzer’s ideal “A good chef knife helps a dish and is the secret of good taste.”



The materials of Premier Series is same as Classic Series but the blade has an appearance with a hand-hammered finish. It is known as ‘Tsuchime’ in Japanese and makes a foodstuff hardly cling on the blade.


And the high-quality walnut handle has the soft curves and it allows you grip the knife really comfortably.






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