5 items for Japanese style interior decoration

Traditional upholstery you need to make your room Japanese style interior     It might be nice to make it a Japanese-style interior boldly when you decide to move to a new room or rearrange a room. But, even though you think that you will make that room, you may not know what to prepare. So, I will introduce interior equipments which are necessary for making a Japanese style room for you!       Tatami mat     Actually, when you place the Tatami mat, the atmosphere of the room is greatly close to the Japanese style room. The smell of rush makes you feel fresh. Of course, you have Read more about 5 items for Japanese style interior decoration[…]

japanese lanterns

Traditional Japanese paper lanterns for your life

Traditional Japanese lanterns for your life and events Until the Meiji Period (1868-1912) when the Western culture flowed into Japan, one of the lights that illuminated the night of the country was the Japanese lanterns (chochin).     Sponsored Links   And still, it is an indispensable lighting for the traditional festivals and the shops of Japanese restaurants.     The meaning of Japanese lanterns In the case of saying “Japanse lantern”, it may have three meanings. First, it means a plant, Physalis alkekengi. But most people call it Chinese lantern. You can buy the seed from here.   Then, the words refer to the Japanese stone lanterns. The lighting equipment stand on the ground Read more about Traditional Japanese paper lanterns for your life[…]

japanese paper washi origami

Japanese paper (washi paper):handmade, tapes, chiyogami and yuzen

Traditional Japanese paper and the products In 2014, “Washi (Japanese paper), the art of papermaking of washi” was registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.   Washi with a unique touch and warmth has been strongly linked with the formation of Japanese culture and contributed to the artworks such as paintings and calligraphy.   Especially, the beauty of the Japanese paintings and woodblock printings (ukiyo-e) can be shown on the washi paper.     What is “washi paper”? Precisely a washi paper is made by hand and from the bast fibers such as Mitsumata, Kozo, Gumpy.     However, the paper produced in Japan is sometimes referred to as washi Read more about Japanese paper (washi paper):handmade, tapes, chiyogami and yuzen[…]