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Tojiro, traditional Japanese kitchen knife

In Japan, there are famous production areas of cutlery such as Seki, Sakai, and Echizen, but Tsubame Sanjo also produces the high-quality knives as much as them.



The magistrate of the area, Otani Seibei invited the smithmakers and made them teach the techniques the poor farmers to promote their lives of poor farmers in 1625.


After that, the iron products became an important industry for the people, and Tsubame Sanjo area is now a famous city with the cutlery products.





Tojiro is a famous knife manufacturer who inherits the tradition of the town. The cutleries in this area are formed by punching out from the metal plates.


So, the quality and production of the products are always maintained. And from the beginning to the end of the process, the craftsmen carefully look out and complete the Japanese chef knives.


In 2004, the company joined the activities of the French cooking organization in Japan. They want to interact the people who are involved in the food world and to sustain the cultures of other countries by their cutleries.


Tojiro DP Damascus 2-piece Starter Knife Set



The styles of Tojiro chef knives 

Of course, there are a lot of the traditional Japanese kitchen knives of Tojiro.


But in comparison with other cutlery manufacturers, Tojiro produce much more the chef knives which is suitable for the Western homes including the gyuto knives, the petit knives, and the slicers.


Overseas model knives

4-inch Paring Knife, 8-inch Bread Knife & 8.25-inch Chef’s Knife


Most popular knives of Tojiro.


The review of the product at Amazon.com is 4.9 stars.


For simple dishes.


Beautiful appearance and well-balanced knife.


Traditional Japanese chef knives

If you are confused which knives you should buy, come by the gude to choose.


Most popular Santoku knife.


Very easy to use.


For cleaning a fish.







Sharpening Lecture Movie



For children who love cooking.

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