Luxury gift ideas for kitchen items from Japanese traditional crafts

High-quality gift of kitchen goods of the traditional craft for those who love cooking     When you think about giving special gifts to your mother or cook lover, Japanese traditional crafts would be perfect. Electrical appliances made in Japan are very popular, but not well-known, there are high-quality kitchen knives and cast irons in that country. They are guaranteed kitchen tools that have accumulated technique for hundreds of years. You can find the kitchen goods which have contemporary designs so they are perfect for gifts!         Global kabuto knives set     The sharpness and usability of the Global knives attract people around the world. And Read more about Luxury gift ideas for kitchen items from Japanese traditional crafts[…]

Iwachu Japanese cast iron skillets

Iwachu’s Nambu Tekki cast iron skillets <p style=”text-align: center;”><a title=”Iwachu 410-681 9-1/2&quot; Cast Iron Frying Pan, Medium, Black” href=”;tag=hachihachi-20&amp;linkCode=xm2&amp;camp=2025&amp;creative=165953&amp;creativeASIN=B01JAUWSMI” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”><img src=”” alt=”Iwachu 410-681 9-1/2&quot; Cast Iron Frying Pan, Medium, Black” width=”500″ height=”500″ /></a></p> Nambu Tekki in Iwate Prefecture is a cast iron product which has gotten highest reputation in Japan. And it has about 400 years history. Though the industry is famous for the products of tea kettle and teapot, the kitchenware has become to attract attention in recent years. People avoided to use the kitchenware for its weight but revises the good point. Best known Nambu tekki maker Iwachu Especially, the products of Iwachu Factory established in Read more about Iwachu Japanese cast iron skillets[…]

Large Japanese cast iron tetsubin teapots from

Large size Nambu Tekki kyusu teapots made in Japan   41 ounce tetsubin kyusu       The traditional Japanese cast iron Nambu Tekki teapot is high-quality and has some good things to use. Enjoy Nambu Tekki Japanese cast iron teapot (kyusu)   That is why the Japanese people change their opinion of Nambu Tekki which they regarded as old-fashioned. More and more seek a good product than mass-produced goods in these days. Therefore, the various kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes of Nambu Tekki teapot have become to be on the market. Various colors, shapes, and patterns! Nambu Tekki kyusu teapot from the long-standing manufacturer Iwachu     60 ounce tetsubin Read more about Large Japanese cast iron tetsubin teapots from[…]

Dot pattern (Arare) black cast iron tetsubin teapots by Iwachu

Traditional color and pattern kyusu teapots of Nambu Tekki from Iwate Prefecture   20 ounce teapot with infuser       Orderly lined up small dots. The traditional pattern is so simple but it makes us feel peaceful. It’s probably because Nambu Tekki was invented as a kettle for the tea -ceremony. Before the appearance of Sen-no Riyu (1522-1591), the people used colorful bowls at the ceremony. But he valued the spirit of “Wabi” and “Sabi”. Wabi is the attitude of seeking beauty and inner contentment in simplicity and imperfection. And The spirit of Sabi is seeking beauty in withered things where their internal essence is oozing out to the surface.   If Read more about Dot pattern (Arare) black cast iron tetsubin teapots by Iwachu[…]

Purple Japanese Nambu Tekki cast iron teapot

Beautiful purple cast iron teapot from Tohoku   Arare dot pattern     How’s this refined purple? There were only black teapots of Nambu Tekki since the history started. But in these days, we can choose the cast iron teapots from various colors (unfortunately, there have been just black tea kettle Tetsubins even today).      Arare which looks like a hobnail means hail in Japanese. When it comes to a traditional Nambu Tekki teapot or kettle, most Japanese people think of an Arare pattern. The hailstones are colored with silver. It really goes well with purple which was a noble color in ancient times of Japan.     Checked Read more about Purple Japanese Nambu Tekki cast iron teapot[…]

Japanese Nambu Tekki cast iron wind chimes (furin)

Calm Sounds! Traditional Japanese cast iron furin from Tohoku     Most classic style, temple bell design       A high-quality metal makes comfortable sounds. As there are the good traditional metal crafts in Japan, Nambu Tekki which has more than 900 years history is most famous. 500km (300mile) away from Tokyo to the north, Iwate Prefecture is one of the Tohoku Area. That means the area was so far apart from the ancient central city Kyoto. But the prosperity of Oshu Fujiwara Clan in the 11th century left the many cultural legacies including the World Heritage Site Chusonji Temple.      Pagoda design        Green lantern Read more about Japanese Nambu Tekki cast iron wind chimes (furin)[…]

Red Japanese cast iron teapot (kyusu) by Itchu-do

Red traditional Nambu Tekki cast iron teapot        Recently, we can easily find a red cast iron teapot on the net. But is it a high-quality ironware? Every cast iron looks solid but actually not. The strongness needs a high-quality cast iron that also has other good points.   You don’t have to worry about the quality if you choose Nambu Tekki! Nambu Tekki is a traditional cast iron craft in the Tohoku area, Japan. That has more than 400 years history and originally invented as a tea kettle (tetsubin) for Japanese tea ceremony (cha-no yu). Nambu Tekki not only has a tradition. Though Japanese people regarded it Read more about Red Japanese cast iron teapot (kyusu) by Itchu-do[…]

Oigen’s Nambu Tekki (Japanese cast iron) cookware products

Traditional Japanese southern cast iron (Nambu Tekki) company, Oigen <p style=”text-align: center;”><a title=”Oigen Nambu Ironware Sukiyaki &amp; Dumplings Iron Pan Ca-4 26cm Japan Import :972″ href=”;tag=hachihachi-20&amp;linkCode=xm2&amp;camp=2025&amp;creative=165953&amp;creativeASIN=B000IGKOEI” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”><img src=”” alt=”Oigen Nambu Ironware Sukiyaki &amp; Dumplings Iron Pan Ca-4 26cm Japan Import :972″ width=”500″ height=”500″ /></a></p> In the 17th century, the history of the Nambu Tekki started at Morioka City in Iwate Prefecture. But the cast iron industry at Oshu City had already existed in the 11th century. They didn’t have the name of Nambu Tekki yet. One of the long-established Japanese cast iron company Oigen has preserved the tradition of Oshu City.  The company launched the introducing the designer and the export to an Read more about Oigen’s Nambu Tekki (Japanese cast iron) cookware products[…]

10 modern style kyusu (Japanese teapot) from the traditional crafts

Traditional but not old-fashioned ceramic or cast iron teapot kyusu   The culture of Japan also has continued to change day by day. Meanwhile, the unchanged traditional crafts became to receive the reputation of “out‐of‐date” in the country.   The people overseas firstly had found much of interest in but the East ethnic products gradually lost the attraction for them.   They, however, never lost the functional beauty. It’s just fell behind the times on the designability.   In these days, the traditional craftsmen and makers begin to improve their product’s design for the buyers at the present time. Some companies co-operate with the commercial designers.     The products I introduce from Read more about 10 modern style kyusu (Japanese teapot) from the traditional crafts[…]

Best 7 Iwachu Nambu tekki teapots with infuser (Japanese kyusu)

Iwachu’s traditional Japanese cast iron teapot Japanese cast iron Nambu tekki is the well-known traditional craft in Iwate Prefecture. The region is in the Tohoku area where is covered heavy snow in winter. That’s why we feel the warmth of the solid tableware.   Since the birth of Nambu tekki in the 17th century, the Tohoku people have loved the black teapot. Around the country, there were some ups and downs through 300 years. Especially, the production was restricted during the WW2.   Therefore most of the Nambu tekki craftsman close down their works. Also because of the change of the lifestyle in Japan, the old-fashioned tableware became to disappear in the Read more about Best 7 Iwachu Nambu tekki teapots with infuser (Japanese kyusu)[…]