Luxury gift ideas for kitchen items from Japanese traditional crafts

High-quality gift of kitchen goods of the traditional craft for those who love cooking


Global G-2 - 8 inch, 20cm Chef's Knife


When you think about giving special gifts to your mother or cook lover, Japanese traditional crafts would be perfect. Electrical appliances made in Japan are very popular, but not well-known, there are high-quality kitchen knives and cast irons in that country.

They are guaranteed kitchen tools that have accumulated technique for hundreds of years. You can find the kitchen goods which have contemporary designs so they are perfect for gifts!





Global kabuto knives set


Global Kabuto Knife Block Set, 7-piece kitchen gift


The sharpness and usability of the Global knives attract people around the world. And the beautiful design also is one of the charms. The company which produce the Global products is in the area of Tsubame-sanjo where is very famous for the traditional cutlery. The craftsmen burn the cromova materials with more than 1,000℃ and immediately cool down over and over. So the blades are so strong and sharp.


The set conatins

  • 3-inch Paring Knife
  • 4.5-inch Utility Knife
  • 5-inch Chef’s Prep Knife
  • 5.5-inch Nakiri Vegetable Knife
  • 8-inch Chef’s Knife
  • 8.5-inch Bread Knife
  • 6-slot Black & Clear Acrylic Knife Block


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Global also have the great sharpner.

Iwachu, Nambu Tekki cast iron pan with lid


Iwachu 410-682 9-1/2" Cast Iron Frying Pan with Lid, Medium, Black


Iwchu is the well-known maker of Nambu Tekki cast iron. In 1902, Iwachu Factory established in Iwate Prefecture where has about 400 years history of producing cast iron. When you cook an egg on the Nambu Tekki pan, iron liquates out little by little. Almost iron of the Nambu Tekki is bivalent iron which a human easily absorb. And The thick cast iron also can transfer heat slowly and evenly. Though you may feel a little heavy to hold it at first, you can cook an omelette with stability.


Size:16.2 x 9.5 x 2.1 inches

Weight:7.76 pounds

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Itchudo Nambu Tekki tetsubin 800ml (tea kettle)


ITCHU-DO SEKITEI Japanese Cast Iron tea Kettle Nambu Tetsubin 800ml


Itchudo is a new company and was established in 2009. The designer Nakamura Yoshitaka develops the design. So the Itchu-do’s products are really polished. And because all of the Nambu Tekki tetsubin are made of the profound cast iron, it keeps the water hot longer than a ceramic teapot.

Kiyomizu-Kyo ware Donabe earthen pot with Plum blossoms pattern


Kiyomizu-kyo yaki ware. Japanese Donabe earthen pot Plum with a sheet for IH. Ceramic. kymz-NZU1102

The origin of the Kiyomizu-Kyo ware dates back more than 1200 years in Kyoto. The soft colors and warm appearance are the features of the traditional ceramic. Compared with other Japanese pottery, Kiyomizu-Kyo ware is expressed by the personalities of the craftsmen stronger. You can cook a stew as well as a steamed dish with Donabe.


Size:10.2 x 10.2 x 5.9 inches


Kontex cotton towel from Imabari


Kontex Organic Cotton Towels From Imabari, Japan - Navy (Face Towel)


The towels made in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture has 120 years of history. It has developed with putting the traditional technique and the latest technology. Good quality water makes the towels soft and colorful. Furthermore, the textile is so is gentle on the skin.


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