Japanese Nambu Tekki cast iron wind chimes (furin)

Calm Sounds! Traditional Japanese cast iron furin from Tohoku



Most classic style, temple bell design

Nambu Tetsuki Cast Iron Green Tanzaku Bell Temple iron wind chimes (Dia 50mm)




A high-quality metal makes comfortable sounds. As there are the good traditional metal crafts in Japan, Nambu Tekki which has more than 900 years history is most famous. 500km (300mile) away from Tokyo to the north, Iwate Prefecture is one of the Tohoku Area. That means the area was so far apart from the ancient central city Kyoto. But the prosperity of Oshu Fujiwara Clan in the 11th century left the many cultural legacies including the World Heritage Site Chusonji Temple



Pagoda design 

Japanese Nambu Cast Iron Pagoda Furin Wind Chimes with Bell, Made in Japan




Green lantern with owl

Japanese Cast Iron Green Lantern with Owl Bell Nambu Furin Wind Chime, Made in Japan




Green owl perch

Japanese Furin Wind Chime Nanbu Bell Iron Iwachu Green Owl Perch, Made in Japan




We can see not only the tangible cultural properties. Nambu Tekki is also the legacy of Oshu Fujiwara Clan. Addition to that, the daimyos (feudal lords) of Nambu domain had encouraged the cast iron industry. So Oshu-shi and Nambu-shi are the main areas of Nambu Tekki still today.



Black dragonfly on leaf with lily bell


Japanese Furin Wind Chime Iron Iwachu Black Dragonfly on Leaf with Lily Bell, Made in Japan





Red song bird

YokohamaUSA Japanese Furin Wind Chimes Nambu Cast Iron Red Songbird/Branch/Made in Japan




Crescent moon

Nambu Tetsuki Cast Iron Green Tanzaku Bell Wind Chimes Crescent Moon





The sounds of Nambu Tekki wind bells are calmer than glass or tin. 

Nousaku tin furin wind chimes



It brings peaceful wind for you!




Fancy temple bell

Japanese Fancy Temple Bell Nambu Iron Iwachu Furin Wind Chime, Made in Japan






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