Red Japanese cast iron teapot (kyusu) by Itchu-do

Red traditional Nambu Tekki cast iron teapot 


Southern iron teapot bud Tsubomi 0.4L Red (japan import)



Recently, we can easily find a red cast iron teapot on the net. But is it a high-quality ironware? Every cast iron looks solid but actually not. The strongness needs a high-quality cast iron that also has other good points.


You don’t have to worry about the quality if you choose Nambu Tekki! Nambu Tekki is a traditional cast iron craft in the Tohoku area, Japan. That has more than 400 years history and originally invented as a tea kettle (tetsubin) for Japanese tea ceremony (cha-no yu). Nambu Tekki not only has a tradition. Though Japanese people regarded it as out-of-date thing. However, they have changed their opinion of it because the cast iron has good points.


First, as I mentioned, it is strong and last long. The teapot is hard to get scratch and damage. But only that, it is a little heavy. And next, it can highly keep the temperature of hot water. Last, the inside of the teapot has an enamel layer, which makes the surface hard to get rust even the water remains.


Unfortunately, there are not many the red Nambu Tekki teapot sold on the net except in Japan. But you can buy the cast iron teapot of Itchu-do which is one of the famous Nambu Tekki manufacturers in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture. The company produces the modern design teapot.



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Itchu-do’s red cast iron teapot





Southern iron teapot brush marks Hakeme 0.4L Red (japan import)



Hakeme (刷毛目) means brush marks in Japanese. The subtle lines emphasizes the beautiful curved surface of the kyusu. 0.4L 










Southern iron teapot bud Tsubomi 0.4L Red (japan import)



Tsubomi is flower bud in Japanese. So cute teapot which would brighten up your dining table.






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Various Iwachu Nambu tekki teapots






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