Purple Japanese Nambu Tekki cast iron teapot

Beautiful purple cast iron teapot from Tohoku


Arare dot pattern

Japanese Cast Iron Teapot 13.5 oz Nambu-tekki Arare Dot Pattern - Purple & Silver [Japanese Crafts Sakura]



How’s this refined purple? There were only black teapots of Nambu Tekki since the history started. But in these days, we can choose the cast iron teapots from various colors (unfortunately, there have been just black tea kettle Tetsubins even today). 



Arare which looks like a hobnail means hail in Japanese. When it comes to a traditional Nambu Tekki teapot or kettle, most Japanese people think of an Arare pattern. The hailstones are colored with silver. It really goes well with purple which was a noble color in ancient times of Japan.



Checked pattern

Japanese Cast Iron Teapot 20 oz Nambu-tekki Checked Pattern - Purple & Silver [Japanese Crafts Sakura]



Cherry blossom pattern

Japanese Cast Iron Teapot 20 oz Nambu-tekki Sakura Cherry Blossoms - Purple & Silver [Japanese Crafts Sakura]



Cherry blossom (purple and gold)

Iwachu Japanese Iron Tetsubin Teapot, Cherry Blossoms, Gold and Purple




Actually, the first Arare dot trapezoid teapot is a new form as a Nambu Tekki teapot. Most of the teapots is short and dumpy just like the above three products. They can contain 20 oz water (the trapezoid teapots can contain 13.5 oz). The size is about 5.5 inch in diameter and weight is 3 pound. When you pick up the teapot, you may feel it heavier than you expected. But the stable weight is difficult to happen sideslip accident. And the thickness helps to keep the heat of water.  




Honeycomb (silver and lavender)

Iwachu purple japanese nambu tekki teapot, Honeycomb, Silver and Lavender



This one and Cherry blossom (purple and gold) were made by the famous Nambu Tekki factory Iwachu in Iwate Prefecture.

Iwachu’s black and colorful Nambu Tekki teapots


The combination of the honeycomb pattern and matted lavender color is so elegant and calm.






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