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Iwachu 410-681 9-1/2" Cast Iron Frying Pan, Medium, Black

Nambu Tekki in Iwate Prefecture is a cast iron product which has gotten highest reputation in Japan. And it has about 400 years history. Though the industry is famous for the products of tea kettle and teapot, the kitchenware has become to attract attention in recent years. People avoided to use the kitchenware for its weight but revises the good point.

Best known Nambu tekki maker Iwachu

Especially, the products of Iwachu Factory established in 1902 is popular for the high-quality.

Iwachu Company started in 1902. The founder is Iwashimizu. The name of the company is the combination of his family name and cast iron in Japanese “chutetsu”.

Today, there are only 21 board certified Nambu tekki traditional craftsmen in Japan. The certified craftsmen of the maker are Kiyosue Ⅲ (Mizusawa Shigeki), Kiyoshige Ⅲ (Yaegashi Ryo), and Kiyosue Ⅳ (Fujiwara Shinichi).

The Japanese people considered a traditional craft as behind the times. But while they continue to make the classic style black and plump cast iron teapot, also create the colorful or stylish kyusu. Their products cross the oceans and attain popularity.

Iwchu cast iron skillet on Amazon

Small Size

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Middle Size

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Middle Size with Lid

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Grill Pan

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Five merits to use the Nambu Tekki cookware

1.Supplying iron 

It is hard to take iron from only the foods. When you use a cast iron cookware, you can have the important nutrient eluted from it.


2.Superior to a heat storage

Once you boil the water, you can cook with a low flame. And the cookware holds the temperature of the stew, meat, and soup.


3.High thermal efficiency

Because the cast iron of Nambu Tekki uniformly transfers the heat, it performs cooking without uneven grilling.



4.Strong and last long

Though you may feel a little heavy to hold it at first, you hardly break the teapot even if you drop it from the hand (take care not to drop on your foot or teacups).  And the weight gives you stability when you cook.



5.Compliant for IH cooking heater

Because all of the tetsubin products are made of pure iron, they can conduct electricity.



Caring for a Nambu Tekki skillet

Basically, do not use detergent. Just wash them in hot or cold water. If you use detergent, you will also lose oil that is familiar to a cast iron. It is recommended to use kitchen sponges. Do not use steel scourers because they would scratch the surfaces. After washing, please blow off the water with fire.

Especially when dirt and smell are bad, you can use detergent, and it would be better to polish with baking soda. Then, supply the oil on the surface. Wrap it in a newspaper and keep it in a dry place when not using for a long time.

When charred with foods...

You rinse them with hot water and then wash it off, burned part will be off. After that, let it evaporate the moisture by the fire.


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