Best 7 Iwachu Nambu tekki teapots with infuser (Japanese kyusu)

Iwachu’s traditional Japanese cast iron teapot

Iwachu Japanese Cherry Blossoms Iron Tetsubin Teapot, Black

Japanese cast iron Nambu tekki is the well-known traditional craft in Iwate Prefecture. The region is in the Tohoku area where is covered heavy snow in winter. That’s why we feel the warmth of the solid tableware.


Since the birth of Nambu tekki in the 17th century, the Tohoku people have loved the black teapot. Around the country, there were some ups and downs through 300 years. Especially, the production was restricted during the WW2.


Therefore most of the Nambu tekki craftsman close down their works. Also because of the change of the lifestyle in Japan, the old-fashioned tableware became to disappear in the late 20th century.


But the Japanese people rediscover its functionality in these days. And the Nambu tekki makers create the new design for the men of today and other countries. Iwachu is one of the most popular Nambu tekki makers.


Best known Nambu tekki maker Iwachu

Iwachu Company started in 1902. The founder is Iwashimizu. The name of the company is the combination of his family name and cast iron in Japanese “chutetsu”.




Today, there are only 21 board certified Nambu tekki traditional craftsmen in Japan. The certified craftsmen of the maker are Kiyosue Ⅲ (Mizusawa Shigeki), Kiyoshige Ⅲ (Yaegashi Ryo), and Kiyosue Ⅳ (Fujiwara Shinichi).


The Japanese people considered a traditional craft as behind the times. But while they continue to make the classic style black and plump cast iron teapot, also create the colorful or stylish kyusu. Their products cross the oceans and attain popularity.



Iwachu teapot (kyusu) at Amazon


Nambu tekki kyusu has high functionality. Because …


  1. High heat retaining
  2. Resistant to rust
  3. Strong and last long
  4. The best temperature for drinking Japanese green tea (of course, it’s OK for Western tea or oolong tea!) 


If you want to know more about Nambu tekki teapot, please click the following link! 



All of the teapots has the infusers.




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1 Cassic Arare pattern, black, 22ounce capacity


Iwachu 480-161 Japanese Iron Tetsubin Teapot, Hobnail, Black

Here is the classic style of Nambu tekki teapot. Arare means hailstone in Japanese and the dots make the teapot have the more heat-retaining ability. The color of Matte black always relaxes us.


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2 Goldfish pattern, black and copper, 22 ounce capacity




Iwachu 480-869 Japanese Iron Tetsubin Teapot, Black

Goldfishes and ripples with the subdued copper color are beautiful. Goldfish is often used as a traditional Japanese pattern.

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3 Maple leaves pattern, black and gold, 22 ounce capacity



Iwachu Japanese Iron Teapot/Tetsubin, Gold and Black Maple


Maple leaves are one of the symbolic trees of the autumn season in Japan. The combination of black and gold is also superb. 

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4 Honeycomb pattern, silver and lavender color, 22 ounce capacity



Iwachu Japanese Iron Tetsubin Teapot, Honeycomb, Silver and Lavender


Iwachu produces various colored Nambu Tekki kyusu in these days. Especially, this silver and light purple teapot with honeycomb pattern is beautiful. It would go well with Western-style tableware.

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5 Hikifune shape, grass green, 23 ounce capacity




Teapot Grass Matting Grass 12471

The entirely new design. Hikifune is tugboat in Japanese. The surface is so smooth and the color is soft like spring grass.

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6 Square shape, antique brown, 41 ounce capacity



Iwachu Japanese Artisan Iron Tetsubin Square Teapot, 42-Ounce, Antique Brown


This is one of the largest teapots in Iwachu products. It is really suited for a big family. The craggy brown teapot is associated with an ancient time.

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See more the large size Nambu tekki teapots






7 Flat shape, Hailstone pattern, black, 16 ounce capacity



Iwachu Japanese Iron Tetsubin Teapot, Medium, Black Hailstone Pattern

This smaller kyusu is good for a few people. The disk-shaped and hailstones are so impressive. And it has high stability.

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! Caution !

Though the titles of the products contain “Tetsubin” which means cast iron kettle in Japanese language, these are NOT a kettle but a teapot. So you can’t put them on a flame. If you look for Nambu tekki kettle, please check the page of “Tetsubin, Japanese cast iron tea kettle (Nambu Tekki)“.


And if you look for a modern kyusu, please check the page!






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