Mother’s Day special gift from traditional Japanese crafts

High-quality Japanese products for Mother’s Day gift

Tumbler Drinking Glass Kiku-Shippo Traditional for Mother's Day


Mother’s Day in 2019 is May 12th. There are a lot of gift items for the day at the various stores, but it’s an annual event so you’d wonder what to give to your mother. Then why not give a gift with a different taste once in a while? Of course, it is perfect if your mother is interested in Japan. We will introduce you to Mother’s Day from among Japanese crafts with a long history and tradition, from




Pottery Vase



Arita/Imari ware

TOKYO MATCHA SELECTION - [VALUE] Arita-yaki : Flower Bird Tree - Japanese Porcelain Small Vases w Box from Arita Saga Japan [Standard ship by SAL with Tracking number & Insurance]

Arita/Imari ware vase. The Japanese oldest porcelain made in Arita region, Saga Prefecture. The smooth touch of the surface and blight colors are the feature of the porcelain.


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Kutani ware


Kutani Yaki(ware) Vase Peony

The history of Kutani ware from Ishikawa Prefecture began in 1655. The color of a Kutani ware is darker and softer. But it’s dynamic. Yet delicate.




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Kyo-Kiyomizu ware


Kiyomizu-kyo yaki ware. Japanese ceramic Ikebana flower vase. Purple and red. kymz-VHY127

The craftsmen of Kiyomizu-yaki/Kyo-yaki concentaite their skill on making the ceramic fit hands with the high-quality materials.




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Japanese clutch an Gamaguchi bag of Nishijin textile


Nishijin-ori is a traditional handicraft product produced in the area of Nishijin, Kyoto Prefecture, which is the representative site for silk fabrics in Japan. And textile inherits the Japanese kimono technique since the Heian period.



Sakura Pattern"Cherry Blossoms"- Clutch Bag, Nishijin KINRAN Navy Blue





Diamond shape Connect Pattern- Clutch Bag, Nishijin KINRAN Blue×Gold colour





Diamond shape Connect Pattern-A small clutch GAMAGUCHI, Nishijin KINRAN







Kitchen Knife 


Shun knife


Shun Premier Chef's Knife, 8-Inch



Shun series won the “Kitchen Knife of the Year” ten times and the high valuation from the many chefs of the Michelin-starred restaurants.






Global knife


Global G-2 - 8 inch, 20cm Chef's Knife



The sharpness and usability of their knives attract people around the world. And the beautiful design also is one of the charms.






Glass Cups of Edo-kiriko


Edo-kiriko is a flashed glass with a various type of the patterns. The glassware is one of the Japanese traditional crafts. Of course, the patterns delight our eyes. Furthermore, you touch the patterns when you drink with the cut glass. You feel the bumpy surface.


Tumbler Drinking Glass Kiku-Shippo Traditional Treasure Pattern 7.1oz Edo Kiriko Cut Glass - Red [Japanese Crafts Sakura]





Edo Kiriko Cut Glass Small Cup Double Shot Glass Nami Spiral Wave Pattern - Blue [Japanese Crafts Sakura]





Ohba Glass Old-Fashoned Cut Glass Edo Kiriko, Japanese Traditional Craft in Gift Box Kaleidoscope (Red)



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Geta clogs of Mizutori


The Geta clogs of Mizutori Industry in Shizuoka Prefecture is a contemporary design, realizing overwhelming good comfort. 



MIZUTORI Modern Style Geta Sandal SHIKIBU with Red & Navy Stripes (8)






MIZUTORI Japanese Geta Style Black & Shiny Sandals with Red & White Stripes (5½)







Japanese Style Sandals with a Wooden Platform and Green & Red Cloth (9½)