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Yoshikin’s Global cutleries, sets and sharpners

Global G-48 - 7 inch, 18cm Santoku Hollow Ground Knife


Tsubame-sanjo area is located at the center of Niigata Prefecture. The area where it has heavy snow in winter is famous for an industry, cutlery.


One of the popular brand “Tojiro” is the product of the place. But Tsubame-sanjo has a best Japanese kitchen knife “Global”. 


Today, the people in some dozens of the countries love the cutleries of Yoshikin (Yoshida Metal Industry). 



In 1954, Yoshikin started in the traditional cutlery area Tsubame-sanjo. The sharpness and usability of their knives attract people around the world. And the beautiful design also is one of the charms.


Why not Global knives?



Cromova 18 material

One of the materials of the knives is cromova steel. It keeps the sharpness longer. The craftsmen burn the cromova materials with more than 1,000℃ and immediately cool down over and over. So the blades are so strong and sharp. But the unique material needs its original sharpner to regain the sharpness.



Completely metal

Since the knives are made of the only cromova, it has no joint. A joint of the knife often leaves the water. And that increase the gems. The single material knives keep away the bacteria from developing. In other words, the knives are really sanitary.



Beautiful design 

The product designer Yamada Komin created the appearance of the knives. His design of the doted handle is the signature pattern. But the handle is not just seeming. The dods make your palm closely attached to the handle.



Pick up! Global cooking knives

Guide to choose a Japanese kitchen knife.


G-2 (gyuto)

This is the best loved knife of Global all around the world. The length is 8 inch and the weight is 7.84 ounces. 


G-48 (santoku)

Santoku knife is almost same as the western knife (gyuto). If you want more usability than G-2, I recommend G-48. The air pockets help prevent sticking as food falls away from the blade.


G-5 (vegetable)

If you often cook the vegetable, to shred finely or cut hard things, the vegetable knife is best. Actually, the blade is so strong and broad. So it is also best for the cooking beginner.


G-18 (fillet)

It is the knife for those who cut a raw meat or fish. As the blade is long and flexible, you can easily slice the sticky foods.


G-21 (boning)

When you clear the bones and cut the meat, G-21 would be best for you. The unique shape of the blade helps you to cut easily.


GS-38 (paring)

A long knife is a bit hard to pare the fruits. In that situation, GS-38.



Starter knife set including chef, utility and paring knife.


The set of the most popular G-2 and the sharpner. It’s a very good deal!


Set includes Global 10cm, Paring Knife GS6 5.5-inch, Vegetable Knife, GS 8-inch, Cooks Knife G-2 8.6-inch, Ceramic Sharpener, G74 Global Bamboo Cutlery Storage Block


Set includes 3-inch Paring Knife, 4.5-inch Utility Knife, 5-inch Chef’s Utility/Prep Knife, 5.5-inch Nakiri Knife, 8-inch Chef’s Knife, 8-inch Bread Knife & Bamboo/Acrylic Knife Block


Set includes Paring Knife GSF15, Paring Straight Knife GS6, Utility Knife GSF22, Vegetable Knife GS5 5.5-inch, Flexi Boning Knife G21 6-inch, Cooks Knife G2 8-inch, Kitchen Shears GKS210 8-inch, Bread Knife G9, Ceramic Sharpener G74, Cutlery Storage Block




3 sharpening wheels, one rough, one medium and, one superfine.


The hard ceramic sharpner for the Global knives.



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