Mother’s Day special gift from traditional Japanese crafts

High-quality Japanese products for Mother’s Day gift   Mother’s Day in 2019 is May 12th. There are a lot of gift items for the day at the various stores, but it’s an annual event so you’d wonder what to give to your mother. Then why not give a gift with a different taste once in a while? Of course, it is perfect if your mother is interested in Japan. We will introduce you to Mother’s Day from among Japanese crafts with a long history and tradition, from       Pottery Vase     Arita/Imari ware Arita/Imari ware vase. The Japanese oldest porcelain made in Arita region, Saga Prefecture. Read more about Mother’s Day special gift from traditional Japanese crafts[…]

Luxury gift ideas for kitchen items from Japanese traditional crafts

High-quality gift of kitchen goods of the traditional craft for those who love cooking     When you think about giving special gifts to your mother or cook lover, Japanese traditional crafts would be perfect. Electrical appliances made in Japan are very popular, but not well-known, there are high-quality kitchen knives and cast irons in that country. They are guaranteed kitchen tools that have accumulated technique for hundreds of years. You can find the kitchen goods which have contemporary designs so they are perfect for gifts!         Global kabuto knives set     The sharpness and usability of the Global knives attract people around the world. And Read more about Luxury gift ideas for kitchen items from Japanese traditional crafts[…]

Must-have high-quality Japanese kitchen knife brands

Best 6 Japanese kitchen knife brands       There are countless kitchen knife brands in the world. Among them, Japanese kitchen knives are famous for their sharpness and long-lasting. Because Japan is a country where the technology cultivated with Japanese swords (Katana or Nihonto) still continues. However, Japanese knives also have both high and low quality products. In terms of quality and reliability, you had better choose a famous brand as it is.reliability.  I will introduce six kitchen knife brands that can be trusted to be chosen from the countless cutlery manufacturers.         Tojiro   Tojiro is a famous knife manufacturer who inherits the tradition of the town. The cutleries in Read more about Must-have high-quality Japanese kitchen knife brands[…]

Types and materials of Japanese chef knife. How to choose?

  Choosing Japanese chef knives The history of Japanese chef knife(hocho) is very long, it was born from Japanese sword. The kitchen knives of the brand name are forged by the smith craft workers who inherited the Japanese sword manufacturing technology.           Sponsored Links Hocho has some materials, kinds and famous brands, so I would like to introduce them.     Materials There are three basic types. stainless steel steel ceramic     Stainless steel A metal containing iron as a main component (more than 50%) and containing 10.5% or more of chromium.        It is a kitchen knife that is resistant to rusting literally, with the coating of chromium, molybdenum Read more about Types and materials of Japanese chef knife. How to choose?[…]

Kai Magoroku 10000CC Series knives

10000CC Series on         10000CC Series The special attention was paid to sharpness for the series. The core material of the knife is the special carbon steel and the side is the stainless steel, “the three steel layers” structure.     The review of the 1000ST Series at is 5 stars (2 customer reviews).     Santoku Knife     Santoku knife 165mm AE5161   [WPCR_INSERT]     Back to the before page  

Magoroku 15000ST Series knives from

15000ST Series     Back to the page of Kai Magoroku   15000ST Series The 15000ST Series has the unique blade adjoined the two materials with “the Composite Technology”. Not only the knives are the refined, but also really sharp. Made of high-quality stainless.     The review of the 15000ST Series at is 4.1 stars (33 customer reviews).     See larger image Magoroku Sekino 15000ST Santoku 165mm AE-5300 Kai Brand tracking number FREE ~ITEM #GH8 3H-J3/G8322567 Magoroku Sekino 15000ST Santoku 165mm AE-5300 Kai Brand tracking number FREE ~ITEM #GH8 3H-J3/G8322567 Features:  NOTE: Hi, if have Any questions regarding this listing , tell us with this item name /or item# (any Read more about Magoroku 15000ST Series knives from[…]

Magoroku 10000CL Series knives

10000CL Series on           10000CL Series Just like 15000ST, the Japanese kitchen knives of 10000CL Series are made by the Composite Technology.   Even if the blade gets dull, you grind the knife, the sharpness would go back to the condition when you buy.   And the handles has a really good feel to it.     Santoku knife   Santoku Knife 165mm          Gyuto knife        Gyuto 180mm            Gyuto Knife 210mm            Petty knife       Petty Utility Knife 120mm          Bucher knife       Butcher knife 210mm  Read more about Magoroku 10000CL Series knives[…]

Magoroku Damascus Series knives from

Damascus Series     Back to the page of Kai Magoroku   Damascus Series Damascus Series takes the highest position in Seki Magoroku knives. The blade has 32 stainless steel layers, that you can cut and whet easily and also use a long time.   The handle without any rivets realizes great designability and functionality.       Damascus Small Santoku Knife 145mm (AE-5201)           Santoku Knife 165mm 6.5″ VG-10 Damascus JAPAN         Damascus Gyutou Chef Knife 180mm (AE-5204)           Damascus 210mm(Only blade 8inch)             Damascus Petty Knife 120mm (AE-5202)           Damascus Petty Knife 150mm (AE-5203)     Read more about Magoroku Damascus Series knives from[…]

Magoroku 6000ST Series knives from

6000ST Series on Amazon         6000ST Series is the well-balanced kichen knives. Its weight and sharpness are perfect! And the shape of the handle is easy to hold.   The review of the 6000ST Series at is 3.7 stars (26 customer reviews).     Back to the page of Kai Magoroku           See larger image Additional Images: Japanese KAI Seki Magoroku 6000ST Santoku Knife 165mm AB-5201 Total Length : 308 mm (12.1″) Blade Length : 165 mm (6.4″) Weight : 225 g Blade Material : High Carbon Stainless Steel Features:  JAPAN New From: $69.99 USD In Stock See larger image Additional Images: Read more about Magoroku 6000ST Series knives from[…]

Magoroku Akane

Magoroku Kinju Series on Amazon

Kinju Series           Kinju ST Series Kinju ST Series are the Japanese style knives. The brades have a softness. So the knives are hard to be chipped.   The review of the Kinju ST Series at is 4.3 stars (100 customer reviews).     Deba knife       Deba Knife 105mm (AK-1100)             Deba Knife 150mm (AK-1101)             Deba Knife 165mm (AK-1102)             Deba Knife 180mm (AK-1103)       Sashimi Yanagiba knife       Sushi Sashimi Yanagiba Knife 240mm (AK-1106)            Back to the Read more about Magoroku Kinju Series on Amazon[…]