“Sessen Doji” by Soga Shōhaku

Soga Shōhaku's "Sessen Doji"

The title of the painting, Sessen Doji (雪山童子), is a name of Shakyamuni in his previous life when he was training in a snow mountain (雪山). It is based on a story of Buddha’s previous life in which he was taught the teachings of Buddha instead of giving himself to an ogre (in fact, Taishakuten). Together with “Chinese Lion” and (Important Cultural Properties) of Choden-ji Temple, it is estimated to have been painted by Soga Shōhaku (1730–1781) around 35 in 1764. The vivid contrast between the primary colors of the Doji’s robe (red) and the ogre’s body (blue) against a dull green background is magnificent.

Title: Sessen Doji

Author: Soga Shōhaku

Year: 1764

Size: 167.0×125.0 cm

Own: Keisho-ji Temple

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