Tani Bunchō’s “Blue and Green Landscape”

Blue and Green Landscape, by Tani Bunchō

It is a masterly painting of the plank paths in Shu, located deep in the mountains of China. The characteristic of the Northern Song style adopted by Tani Bunchō (1763-1840) can be seen on the lines of the steep rock faces. Trees colored with ultramarine, verdigris or red ochre are placed around the horses on the mountain path, adding warmth to the overall stiff atmosphere. “Blue and Green Landscape” was created when Buncho celebrated his sixtieth birthday, but there is no decadent element in the picture, and it shows he was full of energy. Although it was made during his period of overproduction, it has a strong finish that dispels the reputation.

Title: Blue and Green Landscape

Author: Tani Bunchō

Year: 1822

Size:160.0×110.4 cm

Own: Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

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