Screen painting of Morning Glories by Suzuki Kiitsu

Morning Glories Screen Painting by Suzuki Kiitsu

Left Screen
Right Screen

“Morning Glories”, in which the flowers are expressed only by dark blue and green on a gold background, is  influenced by the work of Ogata Kōrin (1658-1716), “Irises” screen painting. However, unlike Kōrin’s painting based on the Japanese literary works, Suzuki Kiitsu (1796–1858) drew a more sophisticated plant picture. 

He seems to have focused his painting skills only on figurative beauty. Korin’s iris flowers are in a vertical shape, while the morning glories of Kiitsu are curvy and wind like a dragon.

Title: Morning Glories

Size: 178.2cm×397.8cm

Author: Suzuki Kiitsu

Year: Early 19th century

Own: Metropolitan Museum

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