Tiger painted by Ito Jakuchu

Tiger by Itō Jakuchū

jakuchu tiger

The tiger has a rounded line and humorous face. The gesture licking its paw is a cute cat rather than a fierce animal.

When Itō Jakuchū (1716-1800) drew this artwork in 1755, he just decided to devote himself in painting and handed the family business of the vegetable wholesaler.

On the upper right of the screen, Jakuchu wrote 「我画物象非真不図、国無猛虎倣毛益摸」. It means “I have no talent in drowing nature and I won’t. There is any tiger in the country and I reproduced the work of Mao Yi.” But actually, he copied the painting of “Fierce Tiger” at Shodenji Temple in Kyoto.



Author:Itō Jakuchū 


Own:Joe & Etsuko Price Collection

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