Must-have high-quality Japanese kitchen knife brands

Best 6 Japanese kitchen knife brands


Shun Premier Chef's Knife, 8-Inch kitchen knife brands



There are countless kitchen knife brands in the world. Among them, Japanese kitchen knives are famous for their sharpness and long-lasting. Because Japan is a country where the technology cultivated with Japanese swords (Katana or Nihonto) still continues. However, Japanese knives also have both high and low quality products. In terms of quality and reliability, you had better choose a famous brand as it is.reliability. 

I will introduce six kitchen knife brands that can be trusted to be chosen from the countless cutlery manufacturers.







Tojiro DP 2-piece Chef's Knife Set

Tojiro is a famous knife manufacturer who inherits the tradition of the town. The cutleries in this area are formed by punching out from the metal plates.


So, the quality and production of the products are always maintained. And from the beginning to the end of the process, the craftsmen carefully look out and complete the Japanese chef knives.



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Seki Magoroku

Kai Seki Magoroku 10000CL Gyuto 180mm AE-5255

The history of the cutlery in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture began in Kamakura Period (1185-1333). And the Seki’s blacksmiths made many celebrated Japanese swords. Especially, the sharpness and beauty of the sword “Seki Magoroku” (関孫六) surpassed others. 


Entering the Meiji period (1868-1912), the samurai disappeared in Japan and no one could wear a sword. The city’s blacksmiths became to produce the Japanese kitchen knives for the people’s cooking.


The cutlery company KAI have inherited the belife of the ancestors that they made the swords which didn’t break, bend, and cut well. They express the thought with the brand name of the kitchen knife.


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Shun Premier Chef's Knife, 8-Inch



The cutlery company KAI produces the famous Japanese kitchen knife series Seki Magoroku


Though the name of the Seki Magoroku series comes from the ancient Japanese sword, the Shun Japanese chef knives also are expressed the spirit of the Seki’s blacksmiths.


If you wonder the quality how sharply they cut the foods, don’t worry. It won the “Kitchen Knife of the Year” ten times and the high valuation from the many chefs of the Michelin-starred restaurants


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Global 7-inch Stainless Steel Chef's Knife


In 1954, Yoshikin started in the traditional cutlery area Tsubame-sanjo. The sharpness and usability of their knives attract people around the world. And the beautiful design also is one of the charms.


Today, the people in some dozens of the countries love the cutleries of Yoshikin (Yoshida Metal Industry). 


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Misono UX10 Gyutou 8.2" (21cm) - Right

Misono is a manufacturer in Seki City specialized in kitchen knife, because it mainly manufactures kitchen knives for business use, so design is not so good, but the quality is high.


Misono’s molybdenum steel kitchen knife is very convenient for home use because it has a reputation for long-lasting sharpness.


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Sakai Takayuki

Sakai Takayuki 21 cm. Gyuto VG10 Hammered

It is said that more than 90% of professional chefs in Japan use the kitchen knife made in Sakai City.


One of the most famous knives of Sakai is Sakai Takayuki Knife. Sakai Takayuki is a brand made by Aoki Cutlery Manufacturing Factory.


While the craftsmen protect the traditional techniques for more than 600 years, they work together with the companies in other industries to create new Japanese chef knives.


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