Imari ware (Arita ware) for classic Japanese style tea cups

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Imari-yaki Japanese yunomi tableware at Amazon


Imari-yaki and Arita-yaki are the traditional porcelain made in Arita region, Saga Prefecture. When you drink Japanese green tea with a tea cup of Imari, your hands would feel the proper warmth of the hot water. 


And the smooth touch of the surface makes you want to hold it for all time.


If the tea cups get cracked…



Imari or Arita?

Imari-yaki and Arita-yaki belong to the Japanese porcelain. The people overseas would know the name of “Imari” rather than “Arita”, but actually, we couldn’t find any difference in the features between Imari-yaki and Arita-yaki.



The history of the Arita-yaki started by the Korean potter Yi Sam-pyeong in the early 17th century. It is also the first production of the porcelain in Japan. Yi Sam-pyeong made the ascending kiln in Arita area, Saga Prefecture. So, they call the porcelain Arita-yaki (Arita ware).


However, by beginning the shipping to the other region in the country or abroad, they carried the Arita-yaki products from the Imari Port. The products were Imari-yaki for the people in other countries.


At any rate, we distinguish between Imari-yaki and Arita-yaki according to each producing district. 


The high-quality soil of the districts and 1300 ℃ baking make the porcelains hard. Though the products seem fragile, it has an excellent strength of the material. Furthermore, the Potters stone contained much feldspar produces a fine-grained surface.


Imari roughly consisted of three types, Koimari (Kinrande), Kakiemon, and Nabeshima. I”ll show you the Japanese tea cups of Koimari, Nabeshima, and today’s casual tyepe at Amazon.


Check the works of the today’s master craftsman Fujii Kinsai.



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Koimari (Old-Imari, Kinrande) style

Koimari (Kinrande) style means the coloring with red and gold. First of the all, the unique blue pigments Gosu is painted on the transparent white base. And red and other colors decorate the porcelain.


Finally, the gold paint and powder make it more gorgeous.




ARITA-SANSUI 3.9inches Set of 5 Tea Cups Jiki Japanese Original Porcelain


Set of 5 cups




ARITA-IWA-BOTAN 3.9inches Set of 5 Tea Cups Jiki Japanese Original Porcelain


Set of 5 cups




ARITA-SYOCHIKUBAI 3.7inches Set of 5 Tea Cups Jiki Japanese Original Porcelain


Set of 5 cups



If you look for a colorful Japanese tea cup, why don’t you see also Kutani ware?

Traditional Japanese tea cups of Kutani pottery and porcelain



Nabeshima style

The daimyo of Nabeshima domain (today’s Saga Prefecture) used the type of Arita ware. The style has three kindes. First, Ironabeshima which only has three colors, red, yellow, and green. Next, Sometsuke is just used indigo (gosu). And finaly, Seiji has a pale green surface. It is a simple and refined Imari.


Sumi Botan Arita Yaki 3.6inch Set of 5 Teacups White Porcelain


Set of 5 cups




ARITA-KARAMON 3.7inches Set of 5 Tea Cups Jiki Japanese Original Porcelain


Set of 5 cups




TOKYO MATCHA SELECTION - Arita-yaki Porcelain : Grape - 5 Yunomi tea cups & lids Set w Wooden Box Japan [Standard ship by EMS: with Tracking & Insurance]


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Though we cannot shrug off the three traditional types, we also can buy a cuter Japanese tea cups.


Arita still like Mount Fuji Jing Fuji length teacup large black






"Red Mt.Fuji Tea Cup" Aa-6 Orange & Sky Blue SET


Set of 2 cups



Rabbit Arita-yaki 3.9inch Teacup Ceramic Made in Japan






If you look for a Japanese tea set of Imari please click the below link!

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