Handmade Imari ceramic Japanese style tea cups by Fujii Kinsai

Fujii Kinsai’s luxury traditional yunomi (ceramic tea cups) and its sets on Amazon

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Imari-yaki (Arita-yaki) is the oldest porcelain in Japan. Japanese people love to use the traditional tea cups without handle for drinking Japanese green tea


Fujii Kinsai is one of the Imari ware pottery who has a high profile for his excellent and unique technique. He makes full use of the “yo-hen” (窯変) craft for the ceramic tea cups.


Therefore the porcelains have quite a different taste from the paint. It has a deeper and quieter color. You will get in touch with the Japanese world with the smart tea cups.


It is best for a gift too!

Fujii Kinsai

Fujii Kinsai was born in 1976 at Arita the home of the Japanese porcelain. The character of the locality made him aim to be the traditional Imari potter.


Then he studied under the Living National Treasure Inoue Manji. Kinsai later also learned from the potters of the best. While He acquired the traditional techniques of making Imari (Arita) ware, he tried to take a modern style into his works.


He won the many prizes of ceramic art exhibition when he was about twenty. Today, he holds the exhibitions around the country. His master Inoue Manji highly appreciates his techniques including the original coloring with platinum and gold.


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Yo-hen (color variation during firing)

Yo-hen is the art of coloring the traditional ceramic crafts. Unlike the paints, a craftsman colors the base by the discoloration of the glaze during the firing.


The difference of the temperature and humidity subtly change the color of the porcelain. So there is nothing the same product. It is the art that the fusion of the prediction and the accident create.



Yo-hen with the gold paint  Imari ceramic tea cups by Fujii Kinsai (Nishikiayakama)

Kinsai makes with a potter wheel and colors all of the tea cups one by one. He pays close attention to the beauty of the use.


There three types of the Kinsai tea cups. Please choose what you like (these are limited stocks!).


If you look for the coffee cups, click the link!

Arita porcelain coffee cups by Fujii Kinsai



















Diameter 7. 8cm



If the tea cups get cracked…




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