Phoenix pattern pottery from Japan

Traditional Japanese porcelains with phoenix pattern that you can buy on       The phoenix, which appears in mythology from ancient Egypt to Greece, is a legendary bird that has lived for 500 years and is dead from the ashes. On the other hand, as another source in Asia, there has been an auspicious imaginary bird called 鳳凰 about 3000 years ago. Even to Japan, which adopted various Chinese cultures, 鳳凰 came and it was incorporated into various designs as a symbol of good luck. Japanese people have called the bird “Ho-o”.   The figure is somewhat different from that of the western one. The Asian phoenix has a Read more about Phoenix pattern pottery from Japan[…]

Ceramic sake cup sets from 4 Japanese traditional crafts

Arita, Kiyomizu, Kutani, and Hagi pottery and porcelain sake cup sets from       A ceramic is a most popular drinking ware when the people drink sake in Japan. Though there are choko or guinomi cups of tin or glass, they are just for the cold sake and not for hot. On that point, we can enjoy both cold and hot the Japanese rice wine with the pottery or porcelain sake cups. Furthermore, there are all sorts of ceramic sake cups, it is fun to choose. When you have sets of the cups, the drinking with the family or friends would be more enjoyable! I would like to show Read more about Ceramic sake cup sets from 4 Japanese traditional crafts[…]

Imari ware (Arita ware) for classic Japanese style tea cups

Imari-yaki Japanese yunomi tableware at Amazon   Imari-yaki and Arita-yaki are the traditional porcelain made in Arita region, Saga Prefecture. When you drink Japanese green tea with a tea cup of Imari, your hands would feel the proper warmth of the hot water.    And the smooth touch of the surface makes you want to hold it for all time.   If the tea cups get cracked…     Imari or Arita? Imari-yaki and Arita-yaki belong to the Japanese porcelain. The people overseas would know the name of “Imari” rather than “Arita”, but actually, we couldn’t find any difference in the features between Imari-yaki and Arita-yaki.     The history of the Arita-yaki started by the Read more about Imari ware (Arita ware) for classic Japanese style tea cups[…]

Arita (Imari) ware porcelain Kakiemon Style from Japan

Kakiemon Style. Beautiful flowers and birds on a white pottery.     Arita-yaki (Imari-yaki) is the oldest porcelain in Japan. After about 60 years ago, Kakiemon Style was established in 1640’s.    Colorful birds and plans are on a clear white base. The way of the style which makes use of spaces express one of the Japanese aesthetic sense.   The outstanding German kiln Meissen succeeded at the production of a white porcelain all around Europe in 1709. The world-famous kiln had put effort into imitating the manufacturing and painting method.   The craftsmen of Arita, Saga Prefecture have kept the traditional technique and made the porcelains for 340 years. One by One. Read more about Arita (Imari) ware porcelain Kakiemon Style from Japan[…]

Katakuchi sake bowls from Japanese tradtional crafts

Katakuchi sake servers of the Japanese ceramic, tin product, and cut glass Commonly, the Japanese people temporarily pour sake water in a bottle (tokkuri) or server (katakuchi) before they drink it with a cup (choko or guinomi). When they drink sake, they enjoy not only the taste of the water but also the feeling of the vessels.    A katakuchi has a long history in the country. It was excavated from the ruin of Heijokyo which was the capital of the Nara Period (710-794). Since then, the times and circumstances have made the katakuchis of the various materials. Earthenware, wood, porcelain, tin, and glass.   The katakuchi of the kanji is Read more about Katakuchi sake bowls from Japanese tradtional crafts[…]

Top class Sometsuke blue and white Imari porcelain vases

Japanese vases of the traditional blue and white (Sometsuke) Imari (Arita) ware ceramic   Imari (Arita) ware is the oldest porcelain in Japan. Also, the ceramic has the oldest history of the Sometsuke technique in the country. Sometsuke is the way to paint on a white porcelain with zaffer pigment.   It was invented in China and introduced to Japan by the Korean potter who created Imari-yaki in the 17th century.   Above all, the contrast of the indigo blue and white is the best appeal of the Sometsuke porcelain. And the indigo has subtle variations of the depth.   The craftsman Fujii Kinsai draws the patterns delicate yet bold for the Read more about Top class Sometsuke blue and white Imari porcelain vases[…]

Arita-yaki porcelain tea cups by Fujii Kinsai. For luxury gift!

Saga Prefecure traditional crafts Arita/Imari tableware tea and coffee cups Arita-yaki (Imari-yaki) has the longest history as the Japanese porcelain. Before the Arita ceramic, there was the pottery (earthware) only around the country. The porcelain has attracted the people in not only the small island but also the other countries.   When it comes to the Arita ware, the decorative plates and vase have been famous. Or the Japanese tea set and sake cups. It gives the image of “traditional Japanese tableware” anyway.   But the traditional craft doesn’t stop its walking. For dealing with the change of the lifestyle of the Japanese people, we could find the Western tableware Read more about Arita-yaki porcelain tea cups by Fujii Kinsai. For luxury gift![…]

Arita porcelain plates for special gift from Japan

Craftsman Fujii Kinsai’s decorative plates of Imari-yaki (Arita-yaki) The porcelains of Imari (Arita) ware has the various airs. Luxury, gorgeous, elegant, and wabi-sabi. No other porcelain in Japan expresses the whole beauty of Japanese art as Imari-yaki. Because it is the oldest porcelain in Japan.   The Imari ware was born in 16th century. Though there had been some type of the potteries it was the first porcelain in Japan. Following that, the Arita craftsmen improved the technique of coloring.   Especially, the export the Imari ware colored in luxury, Koimari (old Imari) for the Western countries were started in 1659. Since then, they invented the Kakiemon Style and Nabeshima Style.   Read more about Arita porcelain plates for special gift from Japan[…]

Japanese ceramic sake cups and sets of Imari ware pottery

Imari ware (Arita ware) guinomi and tokkuri drinking ware     Since the taste of sake water is really delicate flavor, you would get a sense of the difference of the drinking ware. The Japanese ceramic sake cups and bottles fit for sake after all.   The surface of the Imari ware is mellow and graceful. It pours the water into your mouth slowly. So you can enjoy the taste and scent carefully.   The sake cups are so small. All the more, the craftsmen show their techniques for the shaping and coloring the potteries.    Do you know how to enjoy sake?       What is an Imari, Read more about Japanese ceramic sake cups and sets of Imari ware pottery[…]

For luxury gift of Arita porcelain Japanese vase ! Buy online from Amazon

Fujii Kinsai’s Japanese craftsmanship for the traditional Imari (Arita) hand painted vases When you look for an Imari (Arita) ware vase for a special gift, don’t you feel difficult to choose from them? At such time, I really recommend the works of Fujii Kinsai. I’m sure he will become the representive Imari ware craftsman in the future. And all the products are sent in the fine wooden box.     Fujii Kinsai who has the traditional technique and the modern sensitivity is one of the famous Imari (Arita) ware craftsman. Though his career is not longer than other experienced craftsmen, he already established his own style.   After all, his Koimari style vases are Read more about For luxury gift of Arita porcelain Japanese vase ! Buy online from Amazon[…]