Beatutiful amber and blue/green cold sake glass cups

Japanese guinomi sake glasses of the traditional Edo-kiriko from


Ohba Glass Cut sake glass 江戸切子 Edo Kiriko, Japanese Traditional Craft in Gift Box 光る宙 Milky Way (Green/Amber)

When you drink cold sake, a great glass guinomi (Japanese sake cup) would more bring out a flavor. Unlike sake cups of pottery or porcelain including Imari (Arita)-yaki, Kutani-yaki, and Hagi-yaki, it isn’t available for hot sake, of course (you can see sake cups of Imari-yaki, Kutani-yaki, Hagi-yaki from here). But they don’t have the glittering of the Edo-kiriko cut glass. 



The traditional cut glass started the history in 1834. After the glass wholesaler, Kagaya Kyubei began to carve a glass with using emery powder in Edo (today’s Tokyo), the craftsmen of Edo-kiriko introduce the techniques from Europe and improved. Today, there are 18 people of the Master of Traditional Crafts of Edo-kiriko who preserve the traditional techniques. But they also improve new designs and colors just as their predecessors had done.



Like black, the amber Edo-kiriko glass hadn’t existed until recently even though the craftsmen had craved for the nostalgic color. Thanks to the glass manufacturer in Hokkaido, they could make the hoped‐for color cut glass. I hope you enjoy the beautiful contrast of the amber with blue or green of the elegant sake glass cups.

Special black Edo-kiriko cut glass drinkingwares




Amber Edo-kiriko guinomi sake glass cups


Hakkaku-kagome Pattern


Crystal Sake Cup Edo Kiriko Guinomi Cut Glass Octagon Hakkaku-Kagome Pattern - Blue x Amber [Japanese Crafts Sakura]




“Hakkaku-kagome” which is one of the traditional patterns of Edo-kiriko means octagonal woven-bamboo pattern. The combination of the straight lines and octagons are comfortable to see and touch. The other pattern is bamboo leaf.





As it has other colors, you can also enjoy the sake glass cups as a decoration in the room, or give on special day. 




Blue and amber




Green and amber






Milky Way



Ohba Glass Cut Glass 江戸切子 Edo Kiriko, Japanese Traditional Craft in Gift Box 光る宙 Milky Way (Ultramarine/Amber)




The fine engraving expresses the shining stars in the night sky. The design of the Milky Way is a new one, and couldn’t be seen in the traditional, which requires advanced technique to engrave.


Ohba Glass Cut Glass 江戸切子 Edo Kiriko, Japanese Traditional Craft in Gift Box 光る宙 Milky Way (Green/Amber)



It must be so beautiful to see it in the light (if possible candle) at night.




Ultrlamarin and amber




Green and amber









Do you know how to enjoy sake?


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