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Fujii Kinsai’s Japanese craftsmanship for the traditional Imari (Arita) hand painted vases

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When you look for an Imari (Arita) ware vase for a special gift, don’t you feel difficult to choose from them? At such time, I really recommend the works of Fujii Kinsai. I’m sure he will become the representive Imari ware craftsman in the future. And all the products are sent in the fine wooden box.



Fujii Kinsai who has the traditional technique and the modern sensitivity is one of the famous Imari (Arita) ware craftsman. Though his career is not longer than other experienced craftsmen, he already established his own style.


After all, his Koimari style vases are an enchanting beauty. It absolutely is a masterpiece. He invented his original coloring technique. You can enjoy the irresistless presence.

But he also expresses outstanding beauty of blue and shape in his Nabeshima style Imari porcelain vases. Because it is simple, Kinsai shows his skill of shape forming presence.


It is best for a special gift too!


Fujii Kinsai

Fujii Kinsai was born in 1976 at Arita the home of the Japanese porcelain. The character of the locality made him aim to be the traditional Imari potter.


Then he studied under the Living National Treasure Inoue Manji. Kinsai later also learned from the potters of the best. While He acquired the traditional techniques of making Imari (Arita) ware, he tried to take a modern style into his works.


He won the many prizes of ceramic art exhibition when he was about twenty. Today, he holds the exhibitions around the country. His master Inoue Manji highly appreciates his techniques including the original coloring with platinum and gold.

Fujii Kinsai’s Imari porcelain vases



Somenishiki is the coloring method of the pottery adding various colors on Sometsuke (blue and white). The vases made by Kinsai express his modern sensitivity.




Sometsuke is the blue and white pottery. A craftsman draw pictures with Gosu (Cobalt oxide) on a white base and put transparent glaze. It emphasizes the fine paintings.


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Kinsai Original

Deying Brocade Coloring with platinum or gold is Kinsai’s original coloring technique for Imari ware. He paints a white porcelain burned at 1300 ℃ with platinum or gold. And you can find his excellent forming skill in the gourd or the fountain shape vase.





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