Mother’s Day special gift from traditional Japanese crafts

High-quality Japanese products for Mother’s Day gift   Mother’s Day in 2019 is May 12th. There are a lot of gift items for the day at the various stores, but it’s an annual event so you’d wonder what to give to your mother. Then why not give a gift with a different taste once in a while? Of course, it is perfect if your mother is interested in Japan. We will introduce you to Mother’s Day from among Japanese crafts with a long history and tradition, from       Pottery Vase     Arita/Imari ware Arita/Imari ware vase. The Japanese oldest porcelain made in Arita region, Saga Prefecture. Read more about Mother’s Day special gift from traditional Japanese crafts[…]

5 items for Japanese style interior decoration

Traditional upholstery you need to make your room Japanese style interior     It might be nice to make it a Japanese-style interior boldly when you decide to move to a new room or rearrange a room. But, even though you think that you will make that room, you may not know what to prepare. So, I will introduce interior equipments which are necessary for making a Japanese style room for you!       Tatami mat     Actually, when you place the Tatami mat, the atmosphere of the room is greatly close to the Japanese style room. The smell of rush makes you feel fresh. Of course, you have Read more about 5 items for Japanese style interior decoration[…]

Outstanding gold Kutani pottery vases on Amazon

Gold Kutani ware vase. Best for Ikebana and gift!   Gold is a color which has a sense of existence and gives us power. When it combines with a great shaped potter, there’s no way to become magnificent.   Just like other countries, gold was a symbol of power and wealth in Japan. The furnishings for people with high positions often had an abundant gold leaf.    Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture is famous for Kutani-yaki. And gold foil. Not only that, the domain of Kaga which ruled around the prefecture in Edo Period (1603-1868) was one of the wealthiest feudal domain at that time.   Since it was influenced by Kiyomizu-yaki (Kyo-yaki), Read more about Outstanding gold Kutani pottery vases on Amazon[…]

Top class Sometsuke blue and white Imari porcelain vases

Japanese vases of the traditional blue and white (Sometsuke) Imari (Arita) ware ceramic   Imari (Arita) ware is the oldest porcelain in Japan. Also, the ceramic has the oldest history of the Sometsuke technique in the country. Sometsuke is the way to paint on a white porcelain with zaffer pigment.   It was invented in China and introduced to Japan by the Korean potter who created Imari-yaki in the 17th century.   Above all, the contrast of the indigo blue and white is the best appeal of the Sometsuke porcelain. And the indigo has subtle variations of the depth.   The craftsman Fujii Kinsai draws the patterns delicate yet bold for the Read more about Top class Sometsuke blue and white Imari porcelain vases[…]

Japanese glass vase of Edo-kiriko from Kagami Crystal

Tradtional craft Edo-kiriko vase for sale at Amazon   Kagami Crystal Kagami Crystal is one of the long-established crystal glass makers in Japan. There was no other factory which had integrated production systems around the country when the company started.   The founder Kagami Kozo (1896-1985)who had learned Gravure Cutting Techniques in Germarny pursued the artistic quality of the crystal glass.   His ambition bore fruit. He won the silver prize at the Paris World Exposition, the honorary award at the New York World Exposition, and the Grand Prix at the Brussels World Exposition.   The company still keep his belief “Hating a creation seeking a transient and ad hocery effect. Having always a spirit to create a truly valuable product”.   Today, three craftsmen Takei Read more about Japanese glass vase of Edo-kiriko from Kagami Crystal[…]

Kutani ware vase at Amazon. Perfect for Ikebana and gift

Luxury traditional Japanese Kutani-yaki ceramic vases The Kutani ware vases even have various figures. All kinds of colors, sizes, patterns, and shapes.   When you get near to the vase and watch carefully, you would notice that it is more delicate. That is due to the unique way to color the ceramics.   Ishikawa Prefecture, the producing area of Kutani ware, flourished as a prosperous cultural region. The crafts of Ishikawa are rich in many colors including gold. But it never loses elegance.       Kutani ware vase There are both types of pottery (earthenware) and porcelain for Kutani-yaki.   A pottery has an earthy taste. It has a Read more about Kutani ware vase at Amazon. Perfect for Ikebana and gift[…]

For luxury gift of Arita porcelain Japanese vase ! Buy online from Amazon

Fujii Kinsai’s Japanese craftsmanship for the traditional Imari (Arita) hand painted vases When you look for an Imari (Arita) ware vase for a special gift, don’t you feel difficult to choose from them? At such time, I really recommend the works of Fujii Kinsai. I’m sure he will become the representive Imari ware craftsman in the future. And all the products are sent in the fine wooden box.     Fujii Kinsai who has the traditional technique and the modern sensitivity is one of the famous Imari (Arita) ware craftsman. Though his career is not longer than other experienced craftsmen, he already established his own style.   After all, his Koimari style vases are Read more about For luxury gift of Arita porcelain Japanese vase ! Buy online from Amazon[…]