Katsushika Hokusai’s Mt.Fuji art, ‘Tsukuda Island in Musashi Province’

16.Tsukuda Island in Musashi Province

One of the ukiyo-e art from “Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji” by Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849). 



Several ships and two islands float on the Tokyo Bay. Ishikawa island is covered with trees on the left side and Tsukuda Island is the one where crowded with the fishermen’s houses on the right side.



Except for the small waves the boats are raising, it has a quiet sea level like a mirror. You can get to know the life that used the boat for fishing, taking people on, and carrying luggage.



The vertically placed mast stand on the far horizon. It is a ukiyo-e woodblock printing making use of the indigo shades.














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