Nandina and Rooster by Itō Jakuchū

'Nandina and Rooster' from "the Colorful Realm of Living Beings", by Itō Jakuchū

In 1755, at the age of 40, Itō Jakuchū (1716-1800) yielded his position as head of the family to his younger brother and devoted himself to painting. Jakuchū was known as an outlandish painter, but he was rather meticulous and meticulous in character. The red of the nandina tree that seems to keep on multiplying endlessly and the black of the gamecock that contrasts sharply with it. It might be better to call that a drama of the vividness of the two colors. ‘Nandina and Rooster’ is one of the most famous series “Colorful Realm of Living Beings”. It is not known exactly when he started to work on this series, but it is believed to have been made in his early forties when Jakuchū was living in retirement.

Title: Nandina and Rooster

Author: Itō Jakuchū

Year: C. 1761-65

Size: 142.6cm×79.9cm

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