The examples of haiku poems about flowers

Flower haiku poems by Japanese haiku poet

In haiku, flowers are often used as words expressing the season (kigo). Also, the impression given by each flower makes it possible to have a clear image in poems.
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Living Poetry: Flower Essence Haikus (Kindle Edition)

The properties of each essence in the Spirit of Makasutu Essence range is described in haikus or Japanese metered poetry

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Haiku-Flowers in the Grass (Hardcover)

In haiku, Dale has expressed his artistic talent in perhaps the most disciplined of written forms. With great economy of words, the writer of haiku is challenged to express concepts and insight as seen in everyday observations. In his work, Dale skillfully points out from the commonplace that which one may have missed and then makes application to life.

“A Green Beret warrior with whom I served, Dale Hanson has truly lived the Way of the Samurai. His Haiku verses offer metaphoric glimpses, brilliant momentary visions that flashed in my mind like summer lightning. Sometimes profound, sometimes whimsical but always insightful, he has written vivid images as masterfully as Japan’s classic warriors.” –Major John L. Plaster, U.S. Army Special Forces (retired)

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