Winter haiku poems. Japanese famous poets’ examples

Japanese 5-7-5 winter haiku to English three line

In the old Japanese where heating equipment was poor than it is now, the coldness in winter was so strict for people. How did the haiku poets express the season?



Kobayashi Issa(1763-1828)




ともかくも あなたまかせの 年の暮れ

Tomo-kakumo/ Anata makase no/ Toshi no kure


At any rate,

I leave entirely up to you

At the the year-end.





椋鳥と 人に呼ばるる 寒さかな

Mukudori to/ Hito ni yobaruru/ Samusa kana


“You are a gray starling”

I’m called by people.

It makes me feel cold.


*In Edo Period, the resident of the capital (Edokko) teased an unpolished man who came from the country as “a gray starling”. That is why the bird has the unclear voice and boring color of feather.






これがまあ 終のすみかか 雪5丈

Kozuke. Mount Haruna Under Snow

Kore ga maa/ Tsui no sumika ka/ Yuki gojo


Well, this is

My final abode.

The snow lay 15 meter.






Yosa Buson(1716-1784)




宿かせと 刀投げ出す 吹雪かな

Yado kase to/ Katana nagedasu/ Fubuki kana


“Put me up for a night!”

He threw the katana.

It is a snow storm.






斧入れて 香おどろくや 冬木立

Ono ire te/ Ko odoroku ya/ Fuyu kodachi


Cutting into with the ax,

I was surprised at the scent of.

The winter trees.




Masaoka Shiki(1867-1902)




寒さうに 母の寝給う 布団哉

Samusou ni/ Haha no netamou/ Futon kana


It seems as cold,

My mother has a sleep

In the futon.






面白や かさなりあふて 雪の傘

Drum Bridge and Sunset Hill, Meguro

Omoshiro ya/ Kasanari oute/ Yuki no kasa


It’s interesting.

Lied one upon another

The unbrellas in the snow.










土ともに 崩るる崕の 霜柱

Tsuchi tomoni/ Kuzururu gake no/ Shimo-bashira


With the mad,

Collapsed on the scarp,

The frost columns.


Takahama Kyoshi(1874-1959)




かわかわと  大きくゆるく  寒鴉

Kawa kawa to/ Ookiku yuruku/ Samu-garasu



In a large and loose way,

The winter crow.






落葉焚いて  小春の日和  定まりぬ

Ochiba taite/ Koharu no hiyori/ Sadamarinu


Burning the fallen leaves,

The warm winter day is

A certainly..



Murakami Kijo(1865-1938)




冬蜂の 死にどころなく 歩きけり

Fuyu-bachi no/ Shini-dokoro naku/ Aruki keri


The winter bee

Couldn’t find the place to die,

And it walks.






道あるに  雪の中行く  童かな

Michi aruni/ Yuki no naka yuku/ Warabe kana


Although there is the road,

The child walks

In the snow.










Iida Dakotsu(1885-1962)




冬ひと日  うれひある身の  花を提ぐ

Fuyu hito hi/ Urei aru mi no/ Hana wo sagu


The winter day,

One with sorrow

Carries a flower in the hand.






冬の富士  日星おほらかに  又きびし

Frosty Morning in Nagaoka, Izu

Fuyu no fuji/ Jissei oorakani/ Mata kibishi


Mount Fuji in winter.

The sun and stars are big‐hearted

And strict.











冬もみぢ  端山の草木  禽啼かず

Fuyu-momiji/ Hayama no kusaki/ Tori nakazu


The left behind winter red leaves,

The plants of foothill,

The birds don’t make a sound.


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