Japanese Tajima Mt. Fuji Edo Glass cups

Mount Fuji cup from Tajima Glass

Fuji Glass Fujisan Glass Rock Glass TG15-015-R

The Mt. Fuji Glass, in which Mt. Fuji covered by snow at the bottom of the glass, changes the color of the surface depending on the color of the drink. It is a glass that gives a sense of luxury as well as playfulness and has sold more than 55,000 in just a single year. I would like to introduce this cup that utilizes the reliable technology of Edo Glass.

Tajima Glass, located in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo, manufactures “Fujiyama Glass”. The company has also inherited the process of producing traditional craft “Edo Glass”. Of course, this glass also uses that technology.

It is a stylish glass with world heritage Mt. Fuji put in the bottom, made by the traditional technique of the glass craftsman. As you can see Mt. Fuji different in color depending on the drink such as whiskey, beer, cocktail…, you have the pleasure of thinking what to drink.

Various expressions of Mt.Fuji with drinks

As you can see Mt. Fuji, which is different in color depending on the drink, such as whiskey, beer, Kakute, etc., you have the pleasure of wondering what to try and drink.

Photo from https://www.le-noble.com/index.html

When you put a beer, it will be golden Mt. Fuji.

If you put a colorful cocktail, it will be a perfect photo for posting on SNS.

Tajima Glass

In 1956, Matsutaro Tajima founded Tajima Glass in Koto-ku, Tokyo as a glass tableware manufacturing plant. He established a factory in the current Edogawa-ku in 1962 and began making tumblers and wine glasses. This factory has made carefully glass products for half a century with the hands of skilled craftsmen one by one.

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