Mt. Fuji glass cup and other Fuji designed Edo kiriko glassware

The combination of the Japanese traditional  glass and symbolic mountain

Fuji Glass Fujisan Glass Rock Glass TG15-015-R

Since the birth of the Edo glass , the craftsmen had invented a variety of the patterns and form for the cut glass. It developed as the Edo-kiriko cut glass (it was 1800’s in Edo).

See the patterns of the Edo-kiriko drinking wares

Though the traditional cut glass was regarded as an old‐fashioned thing one time, the craftsmen cooperated with the designers and have created the newly designed products. The Edo-kiriko with the appearance of Mt. Fuji is one of those. 

Curious to say, the beautiful and symbolic mountain hadn’t shown up the world of the Edo glass. The combination of the traditional Edo glass and Mt. Fuji created the wonderful Japanese glassware as never before. I would like to introduce the Mt. Fuji Edo  glass products from


Mt. Fuji Edo glasswares

Fujisan rock glass



Fujisan rock glass is the most popular products of Tajima Glass as well as the following Blue and red Mt. Fuji Edo-kiriko sake cups. 

The skillful techinique of the glass craftsmen makes it possible that Mt. Fuji stays in the bottom of the glass. You can enjoy the mountain shows up clearly when you pour whiskey.

I would like to recommend also special “black” Edo-kiriko glass!

Black Edo-kiriko cut glass drinkingwares



Transparent Fujisan sake cup


Fuji Hoei glass clear Ki-bakoIri TG13-014-1C

The transparent cut glass is the most classic style of Edo-kiriko. The smooth plane has the patterns of the cherry blossoms.




Blue and red Mt.Fuji Edo-kiriko sake cups


Mt.Fuji Toast Sake Glasses (Set of 2, Blue & Red, Japan's National Award Received, Made in Japan)

The beautiful sake cups won the Japanese National Award (Award by Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry). The frosted glass expresses the snow which covers the top of the mountain.

See more!

Edo-kiriko glass sake cups and pitchers



Katsushika Hokusai’s Mount Fuji Edo-kiriko


Blue (“The Great Wave Off Kanagawa”)

SHimizu Glass workshop Japanese traditional crafts, Edo Kiriko Old Fashioned Glass Mt.Fuji by Hokusai (Blue)

Red (Fine Wind, Clear Morning)

Shimizu Glass workshop Japanese traditional crafts, Edo Kiriko Old Fashioned Glass Mt.Fuji by Hokusai (Red)

When it comes to the Japanese artist of Mt. Fuji, there is no one who is more famous than Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849). The blue glass is designed with “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa“, and red glass with “Fine Wind, Clear Morning“). Both of the artworks are his masterpieces.

Blue (“The Great Wave Off Kanagawa”)

Red (Fine Wind, Clear Morning)



Fuji, cherry blossoms and moon Edo-kiriko sake cup


Edo Kiriko Saiotori Sake only [ wooden box ] Fujisakura pattern MI-50-BP

The impressive sake cup that the moon rises above Mt. Fuji. The cherry blossoms adds grace the tranquil landscape.

If you want to see more the night design Edo-kiriko sake glass cup…

Amber and blue/green cold sake glass cups



Sunny Edo-kiriko cups


Edo Kiriko heaven sunny Japan pair red , light blue

Edo Kiriko heaven sunny Japan pair red , lapis lazuli

It looks like the mountain stands in the cup. And the blossom background adds spice for the mountain.

Red & Light blue

Red & Lapis lazuli

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