The back of Fuji from the Minobu River by Katsushika Hokusai

46.The back of Fuji from the Minobu



46. The back of Fuji from the Minobu River


The road that the travelers and horses are walking run down to the Kuonji temple, the head temple of Nichiren sect. Some of them are likely to be on their way to the temple.


They are surrounded by rugged rocky mountains, and see the overlapping waves of the river on the left-side. The droplets are drawn with the white small points and give a refreshing feeling for the screen of the ukiyo-e.


The whole impression of the woodblock print art is tense by the dark brown of Mt. Fuji, the deep blue of the mountain next to it, and the green of the trees tighten. It is a work that ukiyo-e artist Hokusai included the techniques that can be expressed in nishiki-e of wood print art.








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