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Outstanding woodblock artist Kawase Hasui


Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) is an ukiyo-e artist, woodblock printmaker in Taisho and Showa Period in Japan. His real name is Kawase Bunjiro.


He was one of the artists who established Shin-hanga (new ukiyo-e woodblock prints) including Yoshida Hiroshi, Ito Shinsui, Takahashi Shotei, and Tsuchiya Koitsu. They worked artistic activity to revive the declined Japanese ukiyo-e. 

He expresses Japanese beautiful landscapes richly and people call him as “Travelling mood poet” “Travelling Printmaker” “Utagawa Hiroshige of Showa”.

Hasui gets a high evaluation abroad rather than in the country. Of course, Katsushika Hokusai or Utagawa Hiroshige is famous in Japan but the many Japanese people don’t know the name of Kawase Hasui.


Biography of Kawase Hasui


The posters of Kawase Hasui’s artworks


Popular works


The Road to Nikko (1930)

Japanese Art Print "Road to Nikko" by Kawase Hasui




Benten Pond at Shiba (1929)

Japanese Art Print "Benten Pond at Shiba" by Kawase Hasui




Snow at Zojoji Temple Shiba (1925)

Japanese Art Print "Snow at Zojoji Temple, Shiba" by Kawase Hasui (Color 2)




Zojoji Temple in Snow (1929)

Japanese Art Print "Zojoji Temple in Snow" by Kawase Hasui




Spring Moon at Ninomiya (1932)

Japanese Art Print -Spring Moon at Ninomiya Beach by Kawase Hasui (12"x19")




Miyajima Shrine in Snow (c. 1930)

Japanese Art Print "The Miyajima Shrine in Snow" by Kawase Hasui (12.5"x19")



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Cherry blossom
















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