Konjikido in Snow, Hiraizumi by Kawase Hasui

"Konjikido in Snow, Hiraizumi", by Kawase Hasui

This is the last work of Kawase Hasui (1883-1957). The first edition was distributed among friends and acquaintances at the memorial service of Hyakka-nichi (one hundred) to pray for his soul.

The snowfall, the quiet mountains of Tohoku, and the man who goes up the stone steps. Is it a portrait of the painter himself? This work is deeply moving because it inspires the viewer of his journey as an artist who constantly pursues a new style while struggling with the hardship of life, and the tranquil state of the end of his journey. 


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Title: Konjikido in Snow, Hiraizumi

Author: Kawase Hasui

Year: 1957

Size: 23.9 cm x 36.2 cm

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