The Road to Nikko by Kawase Hasui

"Nikko Kaido (Nikko Highway)", by Kawase Hasui

The Nikko Kaido (Nikko Highway) is one of the Go-kaido (the five main highway), which connected Edo and Nikko (about 140 km). An old woman with a basket on her back walks along a path covered with thick cedar trees.  Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) depicted a tranquil scene in the mountains in a vertical composition. He drew the glistening summer sun and cumulus clouds in the sky. A ray of light shines from the right side into the shadows of the near-view, which is still dark in the daytime. 

Title: Nikko Kaido

Author: Kawase Hasui

Year: 1930

Size: 36.3cm x 24.0 cm

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