Maelstroms at Naruto, by Kawabata Ryūshi

Maelstroms at Naruto, by Kawabata Ryūshi

"Maelstroms at Naruto", by Kawabata Ryūshi
"Maelstroms at Naruto", lefts screen, by Kawabata Ryūshi
"Maelstroms at Naruto", by Kawabata Ryūshi
"Maelstroms at Naruto", Right screen, by Kawabata Ryūshi

In 1928, Kawabata Ryūshi (1885-1966) withdrew from the Japan Art Academy, where Taikan Yokoyama (1868-1958) and others had been active. The following year, he established his art organization called Seiryusha.


He exhibited this work at the first memorable exhibition of Seiryusha. That is why this painting is full of energy and conveys his enthusiasm. Initially, Ryūshi had intended to made Enoura in Kanagawa Prefecture as the subject of the painting, but he chose the wild Naruto whirlpools for the more powerful landscape. It is said that he lavishly used about 3.6 kg of expensive ultramarine pigments for this work, which is over 8 meters wide.

A small boat on the beach on the right screen. In the cove beyond, foaming and swirling whirlpool rises to fill the left screen.

Title: Maelstroms at Naruto

Author: Kawabata Ryūshi

Year: 1929

Size: 185 × 838 cm

Own: Yamatane Museum of Art

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