Golden Pheasants in Snow, by Itō Jakuchū

'Golden Pheasants in Snow' from the "Colorful Realm of Living Beings", by Itō Jakuchū

Golden Pheasant in Snow, by Ito Jakuchu

Golden Pheasant is a bird native to China and was often used as the subject of drawings of Flowers and Birds. In the time of Itō Jakuchū (1716-1800), the living or stuffed bird was imported. He also drew this bird in “Painting of Birds” before this one and in “White Plum Blossoms and Golden Pheasant, which is believed to have been created in his 60 s. 

It is covered with sticky snow and looks like an acidic liquid. Jakuchū  expressed snow by using whitewash on the front and back, and thin black ink applied to the painting silk. It is a work in which a fantasy world is vividly depicted with intense colors.

Title: Golden Pheasants in Snow

Author: Itō Jakuchū

Year: C. 1761-65

Size: 142.1cm×79.5cm

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