Fudō Myōō by Kanō Hōgai

"Fudō Myōō" by Kanō Hōgai

Kanō Hōgai (1828-1888) ​’s painting depicts the incarnation of Dainichi Buddha sitting with his legs crossed on the floor with his legs crossed at the front of the cave. ​Waves spray on the rocks facing the sea of the cave. ​The figure of Fudō Myōō, holding a treasure sword in his hand, tightening his mouth and staring at the front, is full of strength. ​The inside of the cave is painted with gold mud like a flaming halo. ​The gold brushstrokes highlight the flame and muscular black body of Fudō Myōō.

Title: Fudō Myōō

Size: 158.0cm×78.8cm

Author: Kanō Hōgai

Year: 1887

Own: Tokyo University of the Arts

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