Seki Magoroku 10000ST Series knives

10000ST Series on Amazon


Seki Magoroku 10000ST Gyuto 180mm AB-5292



10000ST Series

The 10000ST kitchen knives are easy to wash because they are made of single material high-quality stainless steel. So you can use hot water, the dishwasher, and the dish dryer for cleaning them.


The Composite Technology is applied to the series too.


The review of the 10000ST Series at is 4.4 stars (11 customer reviews).



Santoku Knife


Magoroku Sekino 10000ST Santoku 165mm AB-5290 (japan import)


Santoku 165mm AB-5290






Gyuto Knife


Seki Magoroku 10000ST Gyuto 180mm AB-5292


Gyuto 180mm AB-5292






Magoroku Sekino 10000ST Gyutou Knife 210mm AB-5293(Japan Import)


Gyutou Knife 210mm AB-5293





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