Kai Magoroku 10000CC Series knives

10000CC Series on Amazon.com         10000CC Series The special attention was paid to sharpness for the series. The core material of the knife is the special carbon steel and the side is the stainless steel, “the three steel layers” structure.     The review of the 1000ST Series at Amazon.co.jp is 5 stars Read more about Kai Magoroku 10000CC Series knives[…]

Seki Magoroku 10000ST Series knives

10000ST Series on Amazon       10000ST Series The 10000ST kitchen knives are easy to wash because they are made of single material high-quality stainless steel. So you can use hot water, the dishwasher, and the dish dryer for cleaning them.   The Composite Technology is applied to the series too.   The review of the 10000ST Read more about Seki Magoroku 10000ST Series knives[…]

Magoroku 15000ST Series knives from Amazon.com

15000ST Series     Back to the page of Kai Magoroku   15000ST Series The 15000ST Series has the unique blade adjoined the two materials with “the Composite Technology”. Not only the knives are the refined, but also really sharp. Made of high-quality stainless.     The review of the 15000ST Series at Amazon.co.jp is 4.1 stars (33 Read more about Magoroku 15000ST Series knives from Amazon.com[…]

Magoroku 10000CL Series knives

10000CL Series on Amazon.com           10000CL Series Just like 15000ST, the Japanese kitchen knives of 10000CL Series are made by the Composite Technology.   Even if the blade gets dull, you grind the knife, the sharpness would go back to the condition when you buy.   And the handles has a really good feel Read more about Magoroku 10000CL Series knives[…]