Tin beer cup and tumbler of Nousaku you can buy online

Traditional Japanese tin drinking ware from Takaoka City

NOUSAKU TUMBLR - Drink Cup Beer Sake Mug Japanese Handmade Artifact Made in Japan Craft Art Work

The products of NOUSAKU CORPORATION are well known for the creative wind chimes and the refined sake cups. 

But actually, you can also enjoy the high-quality tinware as a beer cup! Though the product lineup which is available to buy at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk are fewer than in Japan, I really hope you take it in your hand and drink delicious beer.


Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture borders on the Japan Sea. The city is second largest in the prefecture. But it has heavy snow in winter. 



In 1609, the Kaga Domain load Maeda Toshinaga established the city of Takaoka. Then he invited seven casting craftsmen and made them start the industry for the economy of the domain.


Takaoka copper ware is designated as the Japanese traditional crafts by Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.


Taking advantage the local technique of casting, Nousaku Company began the business of producing the Buddhist objects. They had produced the objects, teawares, and vases.


But Japanese people gradually became not to buy the products as the life-style changed. Around 2000, the company decided to develop the brass goods including the wind chime as a result of the sales decline.


As nobody knew the name of Nosaku as an interior maker, they took pains to sell their goods at the beginning. But they gained a high reputation on the design and quality with getting the recognition from people.


After that, also the tableware they have produced became to be loved around the world

Nousaku tin beer cups and tumblers

Tin has a power of ion which makes the taste of the liquor including the beer smoother. I recommend to put the drinking ware in the refrigerator before pouring beer (NEVER in the freezer. It will begin to collapse under -10 ℃/14°F).



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