Classic and modern Mizutori Geta in Japan

Japanese Geta clogs of Mizutori


MIZUTORI Japanese Geta Style Black & Shiny Sandals with Red & White Stripes (5½)

About 100km from the east of Mt. Fuji, Aoi-ku is a part of Shizuoka City in Shizuoka Prefecture. Aoi is famous for a hot spring and there are many ryokan hotels with onsen. As is near to the Suruga Bay, a lot of tourists who also expects delicious seafood visit the city. But another, Aoi has a local specialty. That is Suruga Geta.


Suruga Geta, made by craftsmen who inherited the technology from the Edo era, developed as a special product of Shizuoka. But due to the Westernization of Japanese living, the demand for traditional footwear, clogs, has drastically decreased. Mizutori Industry has challenged the revival of the declined clogs industry. This company changed Geta to a contemporary design, realizing overwhelming good comfort. 


I would like to introduce you the popular 5 series of Geta of Mizutori.



Geta clogs of Mizutori


1 Sajin (for Men) 


Japanese Modern Geta Sandals for Men SAJIN with a Wooden Platform and a Black Leather Thong (7.5)

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2 Kaguraya (for Women)


Japanese Style Sandals with a Wooden Platform and Green & Red Cloth (6½)

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3 SHIKIBU (for Women)


MIZUTORI Modern Style Geta Sandal SHIKIBU with Red & Navy Stripes (6)

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4 DRILL DESIGN (for Men and Women)


MIZUTORI Flexible Japanese Geta Sandal By Drill Design - Black (9)

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5 Hibino Kodue (for Men and Women)


Western Style Unisex Geta Sandal Hibinokodue with a Large Red Leather Strap (10.5)

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Learn more about Mizutori’s Geta


Mizutori Industry has a history of over 70 years. And the company continues to develop innovative clogs. But it is nothing but a traditional technique of manufacturing to form the basis of the production. Japanese Geta Style Black & Shiny Sandals with Black and White Wave Pattern (5½)Even now the craftworkers take time and effort one by one, and carefully handcrafted, they can realize a comfortable and outstanding fit. It is also one of the attractions of Mizutori to actively collaborate with various creators and crafts of various places in Japan in order to match with contemporary lifestyle and fashion and to create a new design.




It is characterized by using the local cypress of Shizuoka in consideration of the environment. Compared with importing from other prefecture and overseas, the amount of carbon dioxide generated during transportation is reduced.Western Style Unisex Geta Sandal Hibinokodue with a Large Yellow Leather Strap (10.5) It also makes effective use and revitalization of local forest resources. Abandoned forests are a serious problem in Japanese forestry. 




According to Shizuoka University research, this company’s geta has a good effect for health, for example, improvement of blood flow and improvement of walking posture.