Utagawa Hiroshige’s snowy winter scenes ukiyo-e art woodblock prints

The collection of the snowy landscape of Hiroshige’s ukiyo-e

Even among the many ukiyo-e artists, Utagawa Hiroshige was particularly good at landscape paintings. The snowy scene that he drew expresses a distinctive quietly.





I would like to introduce 14 works of Hiroshige’s winter landscapes including Kambara, the snow in the night in “Fifty-Three Stages on the Tokaido“.



[su_label type=”black”] “Fifty-Three Stages on the Tokaido”[/su_label]


15.Kambara, the snow in the night


Mystery of ‘Kambara, the snow in the night’


46.Kameyama, the clear sky after snow


Kambara is located in Shizuoka prefecture and Kameyama is in Mie prefecture. Hiroshige visited Kambara in the summer, that the land is mild and has almost no snowfall. It is considered one of the mysteries of “Fifty-Three Stages on the Tokaido”.



[su_label type=”black”]”One hundred good scenery in Edo”[/su_label]


Kinryūzan Temple, Asakusa


Fukagawa Lumberyards



Susaki and the Jūmantsubo Plain near Fukagawa




Drum Bridge and Sunset Hill, Meguro




Hilltop View, Yushima Tenjin Shrine




Yabu Lane Below Atago




Bikuni Bridge in the Snow


The series of “One hundred good scenery in Edo” is divided into four seasons, and six winter landscapes are included in the winter part. Most of them are depicted the landscape Edo Town covered with snow from the view on the ground, only Susaki and the Jūmantsubo Plain near Fukagawa overlooks the streets from the viewpoint of the falcon.








[su_label type=”black”]The Sixty-nine Stations of the Kiso Kaidō[/su_label]








Kiso Kaido passed the inland area of Honshu from Edo as a starting point and reached Kyoto. This road went through an area where rugged mountains continued such as Nagano prefecture and Gifu prefecture, so in the winter it became a scenery covered with deep snow like the pictures.





[su_label type=”black”]”Famous Views of the Sixty-odd Provinces”[/su_label]


Musashi, Sumida River, Snowy Morning



Kozuke. Mount Haruna Under Snow




Iki. Shisa


There are three works of snow scenes in “Famous Views of the Sixty-odd Provinces” drawn sights of various places in Japan, using many compositions. Musashi and Ueno were in the present Kanto region, and Iki was in Nagasaki prefecture.




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