Hokusai’s The Great Wave Lego Art

Hokusai’s The Great Wave Lego Art

A LEGO® art piece of “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” from “Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji,” one of Katsushika Hokusai‘s masterpieces. LEGO Group’s designer Annemette Baaskjær Nielsen has paid homage to this world-famous masterpiece with 1,810 pieces of LEGO® art. Although it is partly a pixel art, it is a semi-3D painting.

“We’re thrilled that fans of art and Japanese culture will get the chance to immerse themselves into the relaxing project of recreating the iconic Great Wave,” he said.

“This set offers so many ways that fans can unwind and find their flow. Not just immersing themselves into the building process, but also getting into the artwork and how that is composed. Sparking an interest in Hokusai’s instantly recognisable original and its rich history of almost 200 years.”

You can also sit back, relax, and enjoy assembling Japan’s masterpiece while listening to a special soundtrack.

  • Size: 39 cm × 52 cm
  • 1,810 pieces
  • Illustrated assembly instructions included


Coincidentally or intentionally, the LEGO Group has been selling products in collaboration with Vincent van Gogh’s world-famous painting “Starry Night” since June 2022. It is said that “Starry Night” may have been influenced by “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”.

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