Japanese sake cups and sets of Kutani-yaki

Great Kutani sake cups (guinomi) and pitchers (tokkuri)  for sale

Jpanese traditional ceramic Kutani ware. Japanese Sake cups. Kinnrannde shochikubai. With wooden box. ktn-K5-2106

When we drink Japanese sake (rice wine), sake cups are best for that after all. That is because the Japanese tableware ws made with considering the touch for the fingers or lips.


Especially, Kutani ware has both types of ceramic, pottery (earthenware) and porcelain. Some people say that the difference of ware’s materials makes they slightly feel each taste.


I don’t think the materials change sake water. But the taste of a sake is really sensitive. So it would change the feeling when you press your lips to the Japanese sake cups and drink sake by the materials.


You can enjoy the difference between a pottery and a porcelain with Kutani ceramic. And the surface has the small elevations. The fine paintings and good touch are appeals of Kutani ware. The Edo-kiriko cut glass has different beauty but it can be available for cold sake (reishu).






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Sets of cups and pitchers


Do you look for sake katakuchi vessel? Yes!



If the tea cups get cracked…



Kutani-yaki (ware) 

The history of Kutani-yaki began in 1655.


The first Daishoji Domain lord Maeda Toshiharu made Goto Saijiro learn the technique of Arita (Imari) ware and start the ceramic industry in his domain. The name of the village where the porcelain stone was produced was Kutani. So, they called the porcelain as “Kutani-yaki”.


The old Kutani ware has a feature of a green body. And the craftsmen took advantage of the color as one of the paints. Otherwise, the style using five colors, green, yellow, purple, red, and navy was famous old Kutani (Kokutani).


Though the pottery gained the reputation, the industrials disappeared from the Daishoji Domain just some 50 years after. The apparent reason hasn’t come out yet. But the researchers gather that it is the financial difficulties or policy shift of the domain.


After about 100 years of the passing, the movement of the renaissance came off. It brought forth the master craftsmen who created porcelain with red as based color or gold lines. 


Since then, the Kutani ceramic plate and vase gained popularity around the world as a work of art. On the other hand, Japanese people love the pottery as a tableware for everyday life.



Do you know how to enjoy sake?




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