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HARU MATCHA - Complete Matcha Tea Ceremony Gift Set (Black) - Matcha Chawan Bowl, Bamboo Scoop (Chashaku), Bamboo Whisk (100 tate) and Whisk Holder

If you have a tea bowl and tea wisk, you can take Matcha. 

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Custermizing your Japanese Matcha tea set for the ceremony

But if you want to enjoy a proper tea ceremony and treat the guests, you will need various tools.

  • Tea bowl
  • Tea whisk
  • Tea caddy
  • Jug
  • Lid rest
  • Waste-water container
  • Silk cloth
  • Water pot
  • Hanging scroll
  • Incense container
  • Vase

Tea bowls

Use a teacup with no pattern for dark tea (Koicha). Tea bowls with patterns are used for light tea (Usucha). It is one of the most popular itemss, as it has many points of appreciation, including its appearance and color, and guests always hold in their hand at the ceremonies.

Kiyomizu-kyo yaki ware. Japanese Matcha chawan teabowl Kuro raku lightning with wooden box. Ceramic. kymz-TSN733

Akaraku Kiyomizu Yaki 4.7inch Matcha Bowl Red Ceramic

Hagi yaki Saido tea bowl made in Japan. Japanese pottery with wood box.. shuto20180

Hagi tenmoku Matcha chawan tea bowl. Japanese ceramic Hagi yaki (Hagi-ware) made by Kohei Tanaka.

TOA537 Kiyomizu Kyo tea bowl gift flower crystal ( Haiao ) flower crystal Yes blue

Murasaki Shikibu tea bowl Mizumatsu

Black mentori bowl made by Eiichi Shibuya with wooden box. Japanese ceramic Hagi-ware.

Hagi yaki Japanese ceramic. Japanese matcha chawan tea bowl made by Zenemon Sakakura. Wooden box.

Arita - Imari | green tea bowl - tea utensils | Gold Platinum Aya Qinghai Namisakura picture tea cup Fujii NishikiAya

Japanese Matcha Bowl Gold Clematis Kutani Yaki(ware)

Japanese Matcha Bowl Gold Flower Kutani Yaki(ware)

Japanese Matcha Bowl Gold Leaf Kutani Yaki(ware)

Matcha bowl 4.72"dia. Japanese tea cup for tea ceremony, Authentic Mino Ware Pottery, Kiyuu Chawan, TG43034

Mino Mino tea bowl (ƒÓ11.2 ~ 7.5cm) E support 43-10

Matcha bowl 5.11"dia. Japanese tea cup for tea ceremony, Authentic Mino Ware Pottery, Kamahen Chawan, Navy TG43035

Summer Matcha bowl 5.12" dia. Japanese tea cup for tea ceremony, Authentic Mino Ware Pottery Oribe nagashi Chawan M5911 from Japan

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Tea whisks

A tea whisk (chasen, 茶筅) is a tool used to uniformly mix powdered green tea and hot water. For beginners in tea ceremony, it is better to use  a tea whisk with 80 or 100 prongs. 80 to 100 tea whisk are easy to contain air in the tea, suitable for light tea. More than 120 tea tea whisks are suitable for mixing thick tea and require some tips to use, so it is suitable for slightly advanced users.

HARU MATCHA - MADE IN JAPAN - Traditional Handcarved Golden Bamboo Matcha Whisk (100 Prongs)

Haru Matcha MADE IN JAPAN- KUROCHIKU Black Bamboo Chasen - Handcarved Matcha Greentea Whisk (100 Prongs)

Chasen, 80 Prongs Natural Bamboo Chasen Matcha Whisk Green Tea Powder Brush Tool

DOCTOR KING Bamboo Matcha Whisk | 120 Prongs | Premium Quality | Artisan

Tea scoops

Chashaku (茶杓), Japanese tea scoop is a tool to put powdered green tea into Matcha bowls. Mainly made of bamboo, it is one of the most important tools among tea utensils.

1Pcs Tea Ceremony Accessory Bamboo Teaspoon Matcha Tea Powder Scoop 2 Kinds - BRN Wood, 17.5x3x3cm

JapanBargain 2202-L 2202 Tea Spoon, Hooked Scoop, Brown

BambooMN Chashaku Matcha Tea Scoop Spoon Organic Bamboo Ceremonial Tea Utensil - Natural - 3 Pieces

MagiDeal Bamboo Teaspoon Matcha Powder Scoop Teaware Tea Ceremony Accessory 2 Kinds - WHT Wood

Tea caddies

Chaire (茶入) is used for thick tea, and Usuchaki (薄茶器) is used mainly for light tea and a lacquer ware. Chaire is mainly made of ceramics, and one of the representative is Natsume.

Japanese Style Traditional Tea Caddy Ceramic Tea Canister (Black)

Kohiki Futamono Stocker made by Kiyoshi Yamato. Japanese ceramic Hagi ware.

Echizen Urushi Lacquer Japanese Natsume Tea Ceremony Matcha Container Tea Caddy Shujyu Sakura Momiji

TOKYO MATCHA SELECTION - [Premium] Oshima : Urushi Natsume - 4 Color - Lacquer Tea Caddy Storage Canister from Ishikawa [Standard ship by Int'l e-packet: with Tracking & Insurance] (Red)


Hishaku (柄杓), a ladle is used to pump hot and cold water from the kettle and water finger on the tea ceremony. It is made of bamboo.

Japanese Bamboo Durable Small Size Water Ladle Hishaku for Garden Tea Ceremony 2.3 x 2.1 x 16 inches From Japan (Small)

Japanese Bamboo Durable Large Size Long handled Water Ladle Hishaku for Garden Tea Ceremony 3.1 x 2.1 x 17.3 inches From Japan (Large)

Bamboo Japanese Water Ladle & Water Ladle Rest Tsukubai Set for Garden From Japan

Homyl Durable Water Dipper Water Ladle with Long Handle Japanese Tea Ceremony Supplies Natural Bamboo 2 Sizes / Set


Mizusashi (水差し) , the jug is a container placed near the kettle and contains water for the tea ceremony. Unfortunately, doesn’t have a stock of jugs yet, so here are the items on

Lid rest

Futaoki (蓋置), a lid rest is used to place the lid of the kettle and the ladles.

Waste-water container

Kensui (建水) is a bowl for putting hot and cold water in.

Silk clothes

Fukusa cloth is used to purify tea bowls and other tea utensils.


Chagama (茶釜) is a tool for boiling water, and it is a unique for the tea ceremony.

Hanging scrolls

Kakejiku (掛け軸), a hanging scroll represents the theme of the tea ceremony and plays the most important role. There are hanging scrolls with letters or drawings.

Incense containers

Kogo is a small container for putting incense, and is decorated with a vase in the room. Also, clean the room with incense.

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There is no such thing as seasonal feeling that appears as flowers, and it is only a moment. Please carefully select the vase into which you will put the flower.