Types of traditional Japanese clothings for male and female

The types of traditional Japanese garment   Most of the modern Japanese people wear Western-style clothes in everyday life. But at traditional events including the weddings and festivals, they put on Japanese style garments in accordance with the situations. I want to introduce the traditional Japanese clothing for woman and man.   If you want to know the history of kimono… The history of traditional Japanese clothings     Traditional Japanese clothings for woman   Tomesode     Among the traditional Japanese closhing for a married woman, the garment is the highest standards. The kimono dropped the sleeve is called as Tomesode. The cloth which is black on the whole Read more about Types of traditional Japanese clothings for male and female[…]

The history of traditional Japanese clothing

The history of kimono, ancient Japanese clothing Most of the today’s Japanese people live in Western style clothing. But traditional Japanese clothing(kimono) is treated as a dress at an important event including a wedding ceremony, and young people who wear yukata in summer increase recently.   The prototype of the current kimono can be found in Heian Period of about 1200 years ago. Then people have used various fabrics, patterns, and colors for the clothing. Kimono used advanced technology and materials became an area of Japanese art.   Let’s go back to the ancient times before the establishment of the kimono and look at the history of Japanese clothing.       Jomon Period,Yayoi Period Read more about The history of traditional Japanese clothing[…]